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Random question from an old My Kitchen Rules Villian


My name is Kat Donald-Hill, some of you may remember me from My Kitchen rules, we werent very popular but i am using my infamy to hopefully gain som attention from older Aussies.. My Mum is 70 years old and feels completely isolated. She feels isolated by Mobile phones, the internet, emails and even tv as she cant understand how to access a tv guide unless she buys a newspaper..

Now, the reason i am talking to you all, is to see if there are any others like Mum out there, retired or otherwise who find it difficult to just get connected? I would love to organise some get togethers with older Aussies to help them with technology or just to get connected with things going on around them that wont cost money or talk to people to help with their tv's, or phones, or the internet, without making them feel "stupid" as Mum has said she often feels..

If you could please reply, just to get a sense of necessity, that would be wonderful x

Obviously those of you reading this are a lot more apt with technology than some, including Mum... But if you do know of friends or family, i would love to hear from them via you



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Kat most of the Libraries in Perth offer Computer classes plus regular meetings on different subjects. I presume she is a user of her local library? Would she attend those talks she may well bump into people she has known in the past at those meetings. Looks like an interesting talk is coming up about King Eddies so she might relate to and enjoy going to that one.

Also City of Vincent runs free computer classes ( my local library appears to charge $10.00 I)  the following might help her.

Throughout 2017 City of Vincent Library and Local History Centre will be hosting monthly Computers for Seniors Workshops facilitated by Brenda van Rensburg, co-founder of TechCamps4Kids. These two hour workshops are targeted at people with very basic or no computer experience and will be held in the Library’s Media Room where participants will have hands on access to computers.

Workshops are limited to 15 attendees and bookings are essential.

Date/Time & Venue: 
Friday, 23 June 2017 | 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM 
City of Vincent Library, 99 Loftus Street WA 6007

This is a free event.

Who should attend: 
This event is suited for seniors.

How to get there: 
Please visit Transperth as your guide to public transport timetables, fares and accessible transport.

Want more from your suburb? is the social network for your suburb. 
Get the best out of your neighbourhood and discover more local events with

Vivity, thank you! This is wonderful information! I really appreciate this.

may I ask, how did you collate this information? Was it by using the Internet or through the libraries etc?


I used the Internet to pull up Mt Hawthorn Library + Computer Classes. I use my closest local Library which as it happens is also in the City of Vincent although I am not a ratepayer of Vincent I have found there is no problem with using other adjoining Cities Libraries. The Libraries do have plenty to offer. 

I have to go out now I will send you a PM this afternoon with other suggestions to help.



That makes no sense! 

If you secret away your "suggestions" how will other people know what has

already been suggested???

Ah  well, I'll keep my suggestions to myself.



Hi Kat...

What a lovely thing to give of one's time for the community..well I can think of nothing better!

Don't take this as a negative..but I know there are many places in Perth already offering computing lessons for seniors...some free...some charge a minimal fee..

However..I see you've been speaking to Ben-Hur and he's told you about his he says at 85..she's a whiz kid and there's no stopping her since she became computer literate!

She is also a member of a Probus club in Perth and I know they are always looking for people to give talks..I have given talks myself at several of them..Perhaps that might be a foot in the door for you..

My suggestion is you could (if you wish).. contact the secretary of Probus and tell him/her your plan..I'm not a member myself but here's a link you may like to use for a contact...



Wow, thanks Thea! 

Thats great information. I will contact themMonday thanks



Found out from my Probus Club that Telstra are running something especially for seniors.


Do a google savvy seniors.


Katpags,     i was 69 when i got my computer,    i knew nothing,     i turned it on and went from there,   just show your mother how to switch on and off,    and show her GOOGLE,    she wil learn,    as i did,     i hated the thought that the computer was sitting there,   doing nothing,     i made it my mission to learn,    and i did,    maybe not much,    but i get around,   do my grocery order,   buy from ebay,    a miriad things i never thought i would be able to do,  


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Soul Mates now - so happy for you Cats

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