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Refuses to stand in court

Is this enough punishment or a deterrent? Who and how will she be supervised?

I certainly think it's not nearly enough.

I wonder what the sentence would be if a white male defendant appeared in court  and refused to stand for the magistrate.

THE wife of a terrorist recruiter has today become the first person in NSW to be sentenced for failing to stand for a court judge — receiving 75 hours community service.

CCTV showed she failed to rise nine times in court while she was trying to sue to the state and federal governments in 2016 over police violence and wrongful imprisonment during raids on her Western Sydney home.


I think her sentence was pathetic. Detention at Silverwater Goal for 6 months, and cleaning the urinals with a toothbrush sounds okay to me. These people just laugh at our judicial system, why don't they come down heavy and maybe they will be too scared the next time they commit an offence. And if she does, will she refuse to stand for a Judge next time? Bet she will.

She should have been sent to where she came from don't you think Hola?

Moutia Elzahed arrives to the Downing Centre court in Sydney, Tuesday, February 20, 2018.

Elzahed then gave the IS salute outside Sydney's Downing Centre Local Court while her friend called journalists "cockroaches".

She should be stripped of her citizenship and sent back to where she came from along with the magistrate Carolyn Huntsman who gave out that pathetic sentence.

I was boarding a flight out of Australia a few years ago. There were 4 people in front of me showing their passport. They were 4 men, 3 of whom were dressed as the woman above. I watched as the airport official looked at the passports comparing the passport photos with each passenger. I handed him my passport as I considered my options. As luck would have it they must have been just travelling in disguise. 

It is hard to say just who is under that outfit.... I understand in a lot ofcountries they are not allwed to wear it in public.... our laws are behind times.

How does the community service system work? I recall when Man Monis was sentenced to 300 hours community service, there was some speculation that he avoided it? 

she shouldve been fined a few thousand dollars

one way of getting some welfare handout back 

I agree that she should lose her citizen status. Not only does she not share our values, but is actively antagonistic to them.

I also agree that she should be fined heavily.  With many it seems that losing money is the only time they experience "pain" ... it would be a salutory lesson to her and others.

I heard on the news another case in the Downing Court

Late billionaire Richard Pratt's long-time mistress - who hit a widow, bit and kicked a constable and swore at police on a booze-fuelled Friday afternoon - has been convicted in a Sydney court.



"She was so intoxicated that I'm not sure she would have got home," Magistrate Atkinson said.


Magistrate Atkinson said she couldn't find any remorse or contrition as Hitchcock had never given her account of the day.


She placed Hitchcock on a two-year bond for biting and two 12-month bonds for the lesser charges.

What is wrong with the Magistrates in the Downing Centre ???

Gets a good  behaviour bond for attacking a civilian and a policewoman ???

Community service? Don't make me laugh. Where will this service be carried out I wonder. Will she be allowed to hide her face during this time?  She will probably appeal ( courtesy of our weak juducial system) and probably sue again should she win her appeal. Another example of a follower of Islam disrespecting our laws. This cult should be banned in Australia.

.... darcy ...... there was a "white male" here in Melbourne -  (Monday) -  who refused to even come up from his jail cell to appear in court!!!  This guy murdered his wife by strangling and stabbing her multiple times!!   

Imagine that happening in the U.S.A.???   No way!!!   The guy would have been dressed in an orange jumpsuit - shackled around the ankles and handcuffed .....and dragged into the court room by Officers!!!  

The public here in Oz are sick of these creeps '"running the system/their own agenda " !!  Hundreds of letters appear monthly in newspapers - nothing gets done!!

It's outrageous the number of times I read how people get their names "suppressed" - their pics. "blanked out" - the hundreds that get "bail" that shouldn't even be on the streets!!!  List goes on.... and on .....and on ......

The system here in Australia gets worse by the day!!  Appalling!!!  


Yes Foxy I think I saw  that case you mention.   I just don't understand our judiciary.   They seem to be a bunch of wimpy do gooders.

 I read that Elzahed, who is married to jailed Islamic State extremist Hamdi Alqudsi, was not given a jail sentence as that would preclude her from visiting her husband in  jail.

... what a bloody joke !!!!!!!

Darn ridiculous many get off scott free and this woman showed NO respect and so will never show it again, we have rules here and it goes for all or should do.

Why are we having face recognition and they aren't!?

Plan B -  I have just come home from shopping, what a terrible day with all the ill mannered children around. I tried to get on an escalator and had to wait until 15 people, mothers and children, yes I counted them, and not one mother said, "Wait till the lady gets on first". They are not taught any sought of manners, and to show respect to their elders. Our parents and teachers at school always reminded us to show respect to our elders. Not these kids, so I can understand why that woman in in court showed no respect to the magistrate, NEVER TAUGHT MANNERS! or maybe this is never shown in their own country.

HOLA I notice it as well the Kids are never pulled up they are allowed to run wild-- and their parents have no manners either -- so sad and awful to see so many being dragged up like this and then they will do the same with their kids as they don't know any dar better.

There was a young Mother in the Drs the other week and she had a 2 or 3 years old running mad -- throwing things about -- and then looking around to see what reaction she got -- I glared at this brat -- the Mother never said a word to her just went and picked up everything and ran after her, never checked her once.

You have to start right from the start and keep it up and they grow up and remember respect and manners.

People think they can leave discipline till they are older NO you start from the word go and they learn and remember if they have to bare the consequences-- I can't remember having to slap my Son and everyone used to say how well mannered and well behaved he was he was because I always pulled him up and he remembered

Unfortunately most upbringing is left to the taxpayer  ... parents just dump their kids at at a crèche.

I also notice a lot of people will not stand for the elderly, the sick and pregnant women on public transport. So I guess one has to ask the question why should anyone stand up for a Judge in Court??

We need to insist on getting our values back on line because the Politicians are the only ones that can instruct the Judges and Magistrates what to do, they are the only ones that can fire them also.


The times they are a-changing.  And they always have. 

I can remember being at the movies (we called it the pictures back then) with my uncle who was a big fellow.  A noisy disrespectful grub in front of us refused to stand for the National Anthem (it was God Save the Queen back then).  My uncle grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and lifted him to a standing position until the anthem was over.

I think these days it would be my uncle who landed in jail - if we even played the National Anthem at the movies these days.

Remove the woman's burka and give it to Pauline

Then there is this to consider.


Muslim woman is given her own private room to watch her husband's terror trial after she refused to take off her full-face veil in court

 A Muslim woman who refused to remove her niqab off in the Victorian Supreme Court has been given a private room to watch her husband's terror trial        How 20 of Australia's most dangerous jihadi terrorists could be freed unconditionally into the community after a bureaucratic bungle

The federal government is scrambling to tighten the laws before the first terrorist becomes eligible for parole next year. If left unchanged, up to 20 terrorists may be released into the community.