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Residents warned of catastrophic fire conditions

Catastrophic conditions are forecast for Queensland and New South Wales today, as a severe fire danger worsens for both states.

The catastrophic conditions are “unprecedented for this time of year”, with residents warned to watch and act as high temperatures, as well as dry and windy conditions contribute to the fire danger.

Do you live near the affected areas?

Is this a sign of what's to come for bushfire season?

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Police have charged two teenagers over a fire that destroyed a home and tore through bushland at Peregian Beach in Queensland.

Key points:Police say the blaze was deliberately lit about 4.30pm on MondayThe fire spread fast, with the blaze gutting one home, severely damaging another and destroying bushlandA Queensland police taskforce has been set up to investigate the cause of 10 fires across the state


A 14-year-old Peregian Springs boy and a 15-year-old Coolum Beach girl were charged with endangering particular property by fire on Wednesday afternoon.

Police allege they were among a group of juveniles who gathered in bushland off Koel Circuit in Peregian Spring about 4.30pm on Monday, when a fire was deliberately lit.

The blaze quickly spread towards Peregian Beach, forcing hundreds of residents to evacuate the area.


Make these feral kids go and help home owners clean up the mess, make them help out in burns units. Don't care what anyone says but it clearly boils down to parental rearing, supervision and control. You can go on and on about education but you cannot educate against stupidity and the "me, me, me" entitlement of some people. And to see one of the mother's of these low life actually DEFEND her son! Pretty obvious how he turned out as he did.

Agree sunnyOz

and as hyperbole says overpage

"Do what will hurt them most.  Put their ipad, mobile phones,clothes onto a bonfire and burn them.  Let them see how it feels to lose your homes etc.''

I've been uncomfortably close to a few major bush fires over the years and the thing that stays in my mind (apart from the fear of course) is the noise.  On one occasion I could hear the noise like a freight train approaching at great speed before I even saw the smoke, let alone the flames.  Thankfully there was a river between the fire and us, but the raining embers were still a worry, carried easily across the river by the wind that in this case was generated by the fire itself.  The firies had it under control pretty quickly thankfully and there was another fire engine sitting at our front door just in case.  They are amazing.

These terrible fires with the added high winds must be an absolute nightmare.  I am in awe of the firies fighting them, to be honest.  

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