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Sack George Fungus and Yumi Stynes

I don't know if any here are aware of the disgraceful remarks made by this despicable pair against Victoria Cross winner Ben Roberts-Smith, but if you are I suggest that it is one time when a short stiff note or phone call to  Channel 10 is required.

Now we are supposed tp feel sympathetic to Ms Stynes who says she "feels sick" because viewers of The Circle have been revolted by her and Negus' remarks.

Fact is, had similar comments been made about a gay, a Muslim or a woman there would be a clamour for their resignations that would cause Julia Gillard herself and her mi9nisters to come running to denounce the offender/s.  Come on Stephen Smith, Minister for Defence, say something!

See here,

There are some low shots made at men in the media but this smug pair take the cake.


This report has the subject bit of footage. 

Shame Channel 10, shame!

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Ben has two medals for gallantry, one of which is the VC.


Tommy by Rudyard Kipiling


A self-trained typist  :)

Ben duuurrrr

It makes you wonder what our military personnel think of us (the people they are defending). I fail to understand why Negus and Co would make such stupid, baseless and disrespectful remarks about someone who has won the Victoria Cross. Why would these young people go to foreign countries with hostile environments and resentful populations to fight on behalf of buffoons like Negus?

So, Ben "looked" stupid and Negus wondered about his performance in the sack........ do we even need to think about Negus? At his age, I am sure he would be a "dud in the sack" and he proved his own stupidity by his comments. To me, this young guy Ben strikes me as the very epitome of the best of our Australian youth....... someone I would be proud to meet and count among my friends.


To me, this young guy Ben strikes me as the very epitome of the best of our Australian youth....... someone I would be proud to meet and count among my friends



Yes kfc and so would I ..........after all they go into battle on our behalf and some of them even die on our behalf and pigs like these reporters make a mockery of them

How dare they.........I feel sick at the comments that have been made by these ...." People "..........clay 



Those who can........DO

Those who can't ....boast

Seggie.  Exactly, Zapot.

Zapot, Good to see you are still with us, aren't you tired yet.??

Well done Suisse.


TV show The Circle has lost one of its major sponsors following the furore over disparaging comments about VC recipient Ben Roberts-Smith.

Swisse Vitamins has announced that it has quit the Channel 10 morning show.

“Thank you to each and every one of you for contacting Swisse. We have spoken directly with Network Ten and have ended our association with The Circle,” Swisse posted on its Facebook site this afternoon.

The move follows a firestorm of criticism aimed at Yumi Stynes and George Negus after they made offensive remarks about Corporal Roberts-Smith on The Circle.

A photo of Roberts-Smith in a swimming pool was shown on-air, to which Stynes remarked: “He's going to dive down to the bottom of the pool to see if his brain is there."

Negus questioned whether the war hero was “up to it in the sack”.


Shame on these people .........shame on channel 10.........I bet Negus is not up to it in the sack after this disgracefull episode .....and his female co hort would have my same comments


Mitsubishi Motors and Big4 holiday parks have also walked I believe.

See here,

I am not on Facebook but apparently people are vising the Facebook pages of these sponsors to thank them. 

There is some hope for the representation of individual citizens via the web.

It would be a sad sad world if we were all gagged by petty laws.

We have many laws now that are almost impossible to enforce.

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