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Sandi- a wonderful Memorial for Barbra

Sandi I have copied this and put  it up as it is far too special to be lost amongst other  far lesser posts.

Barbra, and you, should be paid respect at your loss and the wonderful memorial that you have arranged, I hope you will use this post for your photos of the very generous gift of bikes you have arranged for those with disabilities.

"There have been lots who left, Vivity.  Maggie was another one and she was accused of all sorts of things.  She's a lovely person, as I have got to know her quite well.

She also has had lots of trouble in her life over the last year and we sort of helped each other, especially with the death of her grandson and me with my daughter.

I haven't posted as much this year mainly because of that.  Sorting out her affairs has been a big problem as she had property here in Adelaide, Sydney and New Zealand and each one has different rules about what has to be done.  A logistical nightmare.

Also been busy organising a memorial shield for her school to be given at the end of the year to a child who would ordinarily never be able to attain one.  It wil be given annually to a child who has achieved a personal goal, as working with children with disabilities in a normal school, was Barbra's job. 9 schools in her area.

She was in a special department set up within the normal school and these people often have very stressful situations.  So I also donated 2 special tandem bikes ( for 4 people) so the staff can take off for a ride to de-stress along the riverbank near the school.  Will post a photo later of the bikes as they are to be handed over sometime next week.  So I'm eagerly awaiting photos."




That is very thoughtful of you Viv and very apt.

Thank you for puttting this up. I too am looking forward to see the photos.

Thank you both for your comments.  This is a picture of the bikes, not sure of the colour they will get though.  I had to wait 5 months for them to be supplied. I bought them 2, which means 4 of them can go for a ride and have their meetings ny the riverside.


Beautiful ways to memorialise Barbra, Sandi :)

Barbra will be watching Sandi. and nodding her approval.

Bet she is watching over Olivia also.

Lovely gesture my friend as the bikes will do so much good for a long time.

Maybe in a tiny way helps ease the pain.

Thankyou for the picture Sandi a great memorial to Barbra.