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scanning in shops and the supermarket code

I always thought that by not marking goods individually with the price and scanning them all businesses had to adhere to the code - first one free and next item at the shelf price if lower than scanned price etc.

But no seemingly it is only Coles, Woolworths, Bi Low and Franklins all owed by one of two biggies who have signed up and actually honour it.

I found out by checking a price at the local IGA recently, I had bought it several times price on shelf being $7.17 and then noticed later that it had been charged at $7.39. So thought next time will check it before I buy it etc and was amazed to find out that the IGA dont honour it - they sold it to me at the shelf price of $.7.17 but said could not do it left it to the big 2 who can afford it.

But then thought to myself - how many others check and with the local IGA lots of them are elderly and most likely trust the shop not to rob them - I think in their case from observation and having run our own 7 day supermarket that they simply are slack with no real systems of shelf prices on day computer prices are raised.

Have caught out Priceline chemists in town on their specials charging me full retail price and they usually give me back the money. I now price the goods there as I go.Will have to go back to doing this in other stores too.

Not being mean but these businesses are saving quite a bit by not having to individually price each item so should honour their mistakes and I did think the legislation covered anyone who scanned in place of pricing but not so.

What do you think? Do you bother to check or trust them to do the right thing?



Seggie. List of what you need, what you may like, depending on price, pencil, pen and paper and off you go.  BigVal, happens all the time if you don't check what you are charged on your receipt. Don't ever forget to check the 'use by' date.  I've been caught (before I realised) by supposed lower prices. Always check and double check. Re weekly specials, again, check your receipt before you get back onto the bus or whatever. Amazing how many times one will be charged an incorrect price. Those who don't check have more money than I have.  Again, love to all.


I might be silly but what the hell has this topic got to do with this section of government and centrelink.

Wandering geriatics again

Title is government as well as Centrelink also part of the government Davey and they set out to allow all to use scanners and not have to put individual price tickets on the items instead just on the shelf so unless you mark each item with the price and check it at the check out you can be ripped off far more often than you think. So my complaint is that they told us all would be well and first item free if wrong price etc to make the retailer do his job and change the shelf price when he change the computer price at the check out and now it has been watered down.

I myself am aware of it but didnt realize how few now are compelled and only by self regulation to honour the agreement we were assured would cover us. Someone lied.

And it is the elderly going into local supermarkets to buy their daily food needs as so many still do who think they are being looked after who I am concerned with.


Seggie. Hello to you too, Davey. You do make me laugh.  A laugh is good for the soul so try it.  Don't worry, it will soon be Easter egg time and if you are lucky, the Easter bunny may call on you. 

Make that a politically correct Bilby and wait a mo, should Easter be celebrated at all because it might upset Muslims.  Groan.


Still, on the bright side I do enjoy a bit of chocolate.  This year I will probably wait until the day has passed.  That will make no difference because most of the chocolate has been in storage for months.

I sometimes find that the prices are wrong, but outside of the kid check-outs in Coles and to an extent Woolies there is no apology.

Government did assure us of all sorts of checks and balances prior to the barcoding and auto pricing but as usual those 'guarantees' are worthless and guvvy regulators are paper tigers. 

On the other hand the shortchanging at small shops is common and service providers such as cleaners are decidedly dodgy and prone to taking advantage too.

In fact rip offs are much more common than ever.

Australian culture is changing has changed.

No not at all.........the culture has always been the same.

This is a rip off country and it has always has been so you must check and recheck all transactions. Don't be afraid to stand up and question things if you are not happy.


I was talking about business with an elderly relative who managed her own pharmacy business (and well) for many years.  She confirmed what you said, that there always were sharks and plenty of them.  She was able to give a number of costly examples too.

To all my fellow wandering geriatrics


I forgot what I was going to say

LUV IT justme.  Reminds me of something I was looking at in the mirror the other day.   I think!!!


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