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Section 18C changes losing crossbench support

Controversial changes to Australia’s race hate laws are set to be killed off by Senate crossbenchers.

Section 18c of the Racial Discrimination Act, currently makes it illegal to offend, insult, humiliate or intimidate a person on the basis of their race, colour, national or ethnic origin. The proposed changes would essentially remove this protection.

The issue will be discussed in a party room meeting in Canberra this morning, however, with Nick Xenophon Team senators indicating that they would not support the changes, it’s unlikely that the Coalition will progress with the changes.

The Government is proposing that the words “offend” and “insult” be replaced with “harass”. A suggestion to drop the word “humiliate” is losing support within the Coalition.

What do you think? Should the clause be left as is or are the changes important?

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This issue demonstrates much of what is turning bad in our society.  We now have the politically correct brigade in charge shutting down debate because those who the debate is about might be offended or not like what is said.  Are we kidding??????

There is an old saying which goes 'bad things happen when good people do nothing'. Whilst I fully agree with restraining people who attack people for no reason I have to ask WHAT IS WRONG WITH DISCUSSING SOMETHING/ANYTHING WHICH IS HARMFUL TO THE matter what group it refers to?  

The radio shock jocks continually single out individuals and small groups who try it on.  But if you are from an ethnic group you are exempt whilst opinion and disagreement from the majority needs to be shut down.  THAT IS NOT DEMOCRACY.  Nor is it how this country was built and I find the view grotesque.  So should you Debbie.

I guess your for 18c changes Mick .,,

Yep, I'm with Mick. 18c should be tossed out. What ever happened to the Australian Larrikin?

But perhaps I could have made a few quid running to the HRC every time I was called a Squarehead in the old days. Bloody Nincompoops.......


Anyone ever called you a black, chinky or Abo "squarehead" ?

Reagan:  I came to this country as a very young lad and copped unfair stick.  You need to stop being politically correct, exaggerating the issue and understand that people need to prove who they are, stand up for their beliefs and demonstrate they are a part of the team. 

There aren't many people who would use your terminology.  Maybe the lowlife.  You left out that Italians were called 'wogs' but are an accepted part of our culture.  Respected. They earned this!

The problem with silencing the majority is you promote the growth of a cancer within society and eventually there will be a release of anger.  That's called a riot or at worst a civil war.  The do gooders need to move to another planet and not totally destroy this country with their meddling in what has always worked well.  And that is coming from somebody who has run the gauntlet............not a sideline referee.


Mick, to quote you "You need to stop being politically correct, exaggerating the issue and understand that people need to prove who they are, stand up for their beliefs and demonstrate they are a part of the team."

For starters, I don't need to stop being anything. Your opinion is yours and you are welcome to it. These are not the old bogan days when you can bandy around words to insult. Times have changed and you may be too long in the tooth to change, but that's your problem.

Yep, one must be free to give opinions, with coherence and respect, but must be aware of the sensitivity of people. Name calling is dangerous, and anyone who thinks it's part of "being in a team" needs to have their thinking re assessed.

Kids can commit suicide because other kids think it's a free country and they can say what they want, well they are wrong .It is a free country but being free does not mean being a bully. We have people spouting homophobic, racist, nationalist and downright offensive views, their defense is usually "Free Speech". Well Mick, free speech does not include hate speech.

I banned someone from my work place last week for insulting one of my asian staff and will repeat it again if another situation arises. Respect for others is more important to me than the extra dollars.


I agree that "chinky or squarehead" are insulting but honestly, I fail to see that in the terms "abo or black" as they are both merely descriptors. "Abo" is simply an abbreviation of "aboriginal" and "black" also just describes a persons skin colour. I fail to see how calling someone "white" is okay but calling another "black" is racist or bigoted. So, if I refer to someone as "aboriginal", that is okay but if I use the abbreviation "abo"....I am racist?

The current wording of 18C NEEDS TO BE CHANGED.

Pom , Banana Bender , Mexican , Sandgropper, Sheep - Shagger , Taffy , Frog , 

A mate of mine surname is Blackman so naturally he is known to everybody as Abo 

Be caucasian and get on a building site Brocky.  You'll get a nicname.  Don't be insulted as that the insult may be taken by you but not meant to hurt from the other side.  That is what all the do gooders fail to mention in their rush to shut down free speech.

I saw a caption where Malcolm Turnbull allegedly said :He has no problems with Muslims killing Australians, but he will NOT TOLERATE Australians critisizng Muslims . I guess because we are NOT ALLowed to critcize Muslims or Sharia Law, it will become part of our culture, as it has taken over in other parts of the world, and female mutilation, rape and torture of females, pedophilia, beheading etc etc will become common. THANKS MALCOLM TURNBULL.

Well, over my dead body...but then, that's what the extremists are planning I guess....

I saw it too - 2 pigs were holding on to the sign as they flew over the Canberra skyline

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