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Sir Jackie Stewart kicks dementia research into gear

Racing legend Sir Jackie Stewart’s Race Against Dementia charity and the Dementia Australia Research Foundation have announced the launch of a new Australian dementia research fellowship.

The ‘Race Against Dementia – Dementia Australia Research Foundation Post-doctoral Fellowship’ programme will support two early career researchers in the field of dementia prevention or treatment.

Sir Jackie was named as an Honorary International Dementia Australia Ambassador earlier this year, and said he was delighted to be in partnership with the Dementia Australia Research Foundation to demonstrate Race Against Dementia’s global commitment to moving forward with funding dementia research. 

“My wife, Helen, was diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia in 2014, and ever since then I have devoted my efforts globally to raise funds and stimulate breakthroughs and innovations in dementia research,” Sir Jackie said. 

“Race Against Dementia’s vision is to apply a ‘Formula 1 attitude’ to work faster and smarter in order to achieve a breakthrough in the prevention or treatment of dementia. Formula 1 has the fastest problem-solving capability in the world, faster than aerospace, and it is this capacity that we need to build in dementia research.” 

Sir Jackie had originally planned to announce this news in March during the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne.

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So sorry to hear the news about Sir Jackie Stewart's wife. It's great to hear that he is supporting funding for dementia research.  My husband has advanced Alzheimer's Disease (diagnosed 9 -10 years ago) and has been in a nursing home for the past 3 years. He no longer recognises who we are and shows no interest in what is happening around him, he cannot feed himself and requires full assistance of his everyday needs. It's very sad to watch someone succumb to this state of living.  I along with many others hope that there may be progress in the field of research and treatment for dementia.