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The 10 most expensive homes in the world

most expensive house in london

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I wouldn't want to live in any of them, and I bet they have a problem with rats. Most large places do. 

LOL Hola ... can just imagine an Instagram/Twitter thread ... Rich Rats #richratsinfesation

They would be going to keep up with some of Australia's eateries for rats (and cockroaches) :( 

The Atilia is even more expensive than Buck House because the owners have the title, the palace is on crown land. 

The Antilia has spectacular views of the Arabian Sea and the Mumbai slums. But the inhabitants don’t see the slums they travel by helicopter and private jets. That makes me nauseated.


Not one do I like and in fact, find them rather obscene, I have never been into obscene opulence in homes or any buildings such as churches/castles/or such

I  also dislike the over the top furniture.


I like I would never live in any of those homes. My favourite cosy cottage!

Image result for pretty cottage in the cotswolds

That's cute, but wouldn't say no to Oprah's mansion!

Really, I told them not to include photos of my holiday homes but there they are three of them for all to see.

too much money, no caring for the, least well off, huuggee ego trip for them, more money than sense ;( 

A that least there are two philanthropists ... the Brazilian Lily Safra and Ukranian Elena Franchuk an AIDS philanthropist.

Considering the amount of staff that would be required to run these places, it would be like living in a hotel.  Quite impersonal.

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