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The country we'd move to if we had to leave Australia

We live in the best country in the world, right? But if we had to choose somewhere else, where would it be?

According to the Australia Talks National Survey, it’s not too far away – New Zealand.

When asked which country they’d most like to emigrate to, 28 per cent of respondents opted for New Zealand, followed by Canada ( 15 per cent) and England (eight per cent). Only six per cent were happy to move to the United States.

The land of the long white cloud – and the universal age pension – was the centre of attention after Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s unexpected victory in May when Australian traffic to the Immigration New Zealand website spiked at 10 times its usual levels. It's obviously still popular.

Where would you move if you had to? And why?

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We can all move to Tasmania :)

... as long as it is not all sold off as the mainland .

Those of you who say UK, make sure you go there to visit before you commit. I am English by birth and went up to University there, came here 35 years ago. Had the odd yearning to go back, usually reversed by being there a few days. There are some lovely places, but there are too many people there, and since the drama of Brexit, the population has become very polarised and some of them have become quite racist and xenophobic. While in France, with my father and sister still living in UK, I made frequent visits, (fly Limoges to Stansted for under 30 euros!) and was very saddened by the place now. It is very dirty, rubbish everywhere on the sides of the road. Very crowded, traffic jams, hard to park in town, just horrible. I came from a rural area of North Herts, hubby came from Ludlow and we went back to both and loved it for five minutes then hated it. We watch "Escape to the country" and look at lovely black and white cottages, green fields and nice stone villages and beamed pubs. But to get there we had to drive out of London, on the M1, and round Birmingham. Ugh.

Funny you should say that Bundabergian.  We did go to visit and yeah, there were some pretty places, but on the whole, I was a little less than impressed.  When my OH commented (after being asked the question this topic evokes) "probably the UK" he had obviously forgotten being asked another question on that visit. 

He was taking a picture from the top of a hill overlooking the nearest large city to his home town.  I asked him why he was taking a picture of a lot of sooty chimneys and dirty factories, and his reply was, "To remind me why I left."

Hi bandy,

I only just saw your post about your visit to Madeira earlier this year..I’m jealous!I love the place and agree with your views.. also.. the fact that the island is not far away from Lisbon and Lanzarote makes it doubly attractive to me.

Did you try “poncha” while in Madeira? The locals say if you have cold symptoms, that’s a good remedy..needless to say and because I liked the drink so much, I had the sniffles every day :)

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