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The first ever Indigenous orthopaedic surgeon

Only two fellows of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons currently identify as being of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Island descent. This is out of 4800 surgeons currently practising in Australia.

Last week Dr Murray and another trainee, who is working in New Zealand to become an otologist, won the RACS Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander SET Trainee One Year Scholarship — an event that went almost entirely unreported, despite its catchy title.


Once Dr Murray completes his training to become an orthopedic surgeon he will have smashed through what is arguably the highest — not to mention palest — glass ceiling in the land.

Trainee surgeon Anthony Murray enjoys fixing bones and breaking barriers.


He's still a trainee surgeon but this is fantastic news.

Meet Anthony Murray. He is about to make history. And until last year he didn't even know he was doing it.

Almost 230 years since the landing of the First Fleet, Anthony is set to break into what is widely regarded as the toughest branch of the most exclusive profession. He will become Australia's first indigenous orthopaedic surgeon.

Excellent, hopefully we shall see more of our first Australians in such positions. Who knows one day we may see an Indigenous Prime Minister.

I'm only new to this site because i want to get older people like my Mum involved in the community but this is a wonderful thing to read. Why isnt this making the current news. Its so important!


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