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The lifestyle choice that helps heart attack survivors

Dog ownership may be associated with longer life and better cardiovascular outcomes, especially for heart attack and stroke survivors who live alone, according to a new study and a separate meta-analysis.

Given previous research demonstrating how social isolation and lack of physical activity can negatively impact patients, researchers in both the study and meta-analysis sought to determine how dog ownership affected health outcomes.

Prior studies have shown that dog ownership alleviates social isolation, improves physical activity and even lowers blood pressure, leading researchers to believe dog owners could potentially have better cardiovascular outcomes compared to non-owners.

Researchers in this study compared the health outcomes of dog owners and non-owners after a heart attack or stroke using health data provided by the Swedish National Patient Register. Patients studied were Swedish residents ages 40-85 who experienced heart attack or ischemic stroke from 2001-2012.

Compared to people who did not own a dog, researchers found that for dog owners:

  • The risk of death for heart attack patients living alone after hospitalisation was 33 per cent lower, and 15 per cent lower for those living with a partner or child.
  • The risk of death for stroke patients living alone after hospitalisation was 27 per cent lower and 12 per cent lower for those living with a partner or child.


In the study, nearly 182,000 people were recorded to have had a heart attack, with almost six per cent being dog owners, and nearly 155,000 people were recorded to have had an ischemic stroke, with almost five per cent being dog owners.

Dog ownership was confirmed by data from the Swedish Board of Agriculture (registration of dog ownership has been mandatory since 2001) and the Swedish Kennel Club (all pedigree dogs have been registered since 1889).

The lower risk of death associated with dog ownership could be explained by an increase in physical activity and the decreased depression and loneliness, both of which have been connected to dog ownership in previous studies.

Do you own a dog? Would you think about a pet given the results of these two new studies?



When the children left home a few years ago and took their dogs with them, I swore I would not have another..that is, until a dear friend offered me a Labrador puppy (similar to this one). 

Image result for cute folden retrievr labrador puppy

Now hubby and I go gaga over it. Of course it's taken over, we have to perform all the usual duties we thought we had gotten rid of with pet ownership..and..added to that upkeep is not cheap. Having said all that, we wouldn't be without her for all the tea in China!


She's adorable, Labs are such beautiful dogs, lucky you.


This is Bella, she is nearly 10



I am lucky toot..but..where is Bella? Is she your puppy?


Yes Sophie, she's such a happy old girl.

I agree dogs are great company and certainly keep you entertained and fit. I inherited my son's dog (for the last 7 years), a Staffy, and wouldn't be without him.

If you want a pet - dog, cat or anything else. fine. Just don't expect everyone else to happy when you drag it everywhere and expect it to be welcomed.


Much like kids, you love your own, not everyone feels the same way.

Yes they are great and keep you healthy with walks but better than that is the satisfaction of hello in the morning or when you come back from somewhere .... they are so happy to see you back and that has no price at all.


I have 2  a Golden mix with Labrador and another Ridgeback which is great hunter for snakes or any intruder in the poperty.

So yes hey are great to have and asa long you keep then healthy you do not spend much money only vaccination ones a year, soap to bath them and ensure they eat clean food no rubish cans or other .... then they are happy and great companions .....  Here they are ... Great ... 

 My Boys

Dogs are my favourite people. Had my first one at age 5.

'Dogs are my favourite people."

Me Too ... since day 1, including age 5 LOL.

Nice one RnR :)

Hey RnR you look as cute as I did when I was a baby, didn't have pigtails though!

LOL Abe.

I get up at day break and see dogs taking their humans for a walk. Sometimes it takes more than one dog to drag them along.


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:) Good one Charlie.