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.........................................Something comes into your mind? share it, as everyone is different so all topics have followers :) Happy thoughts, sad thoughts or just reflective thoughts - let's enjoy chatting without agro or nastiness. Who knows what we might learn from each other..........................................:) 

(A combination of Lets Chat and Today in memory of Gerry, Geomac and Seth.) 

Please keep it general so all can be included not about subjects that can aggravate like Politics or Religion. 

Today's Date Sunday 7th May 2017   

Many thanks to RnR and Toot for making this into such an interesting topic on past events for us all to learn so much. 



Does everyone know that Gerry's Funeral Service will be held at 11 am    (Qslnd time) tomorrow the 3rd February.

I do have a copy of the notice if anyone wants it.

Thanks for letting us know Sandi,... will be thinking of him, our thoughts will be with his family.....

Yes Sandy, Thankyou I will always remember the picture of him feeding all the orphan wallabies, I imagine many will be there from Animal Rescue paying their respects he did so much for the animals.

Either on here Sandi., or like Robi., P.M. would be appreciated.

Good idea Viv. as this place is lovely to just talk as we would if face to face.

Todays date 3rd Feb. 2017

Gerry, absolutely the best, and a wonderful friend.  R.I.P.


Could the first person to post (probably SD) but anyone else who is first please put the day and date up each morning much easier for referring back at anytime since posts are no longer dated. thanks and goodnight. 

A very good idea ... from this perspective I did like the old format better is more important to the number of hours ago which is meaningless ... perhaps if we approached the YLC admin they may be able to reinstall the date system ???


Friday, 3rd February, 2017

Sandy, thanks for letting us know about Gerry's funeral. I will go there in spirit at 12 noon. I would like a copy of the funeral notice. Can you please PM it to me?

Either on here Sandi., or like Robi., P.M. would be appreciated.

Good idea Viv. as this place is lovely to just talk as we would if face to face.

O'CONNOR, Gerard Basil Late of Conway Beach Passed away on the 27/01/2017. Much Loved Father of Nicky & Dani.

Loved Brother and Brother In-law of Kathleen (dec) & Mick, Peter & Kathy, Ray & Colleen.

Adored Grandfather of 8. Cherished Great Grandfather of 1.

"Watching over his beloved Wallabies"

Family and Friends are respectfully invited to attend

Gerry's Funeral Service 11.00am Friday February 3, 2017 at St James Uniting Church, Main Street, Proserpine followed by a private cremation.

Thanks Sandi.

Thanks so much Sandi for putting those details up, I was able to be there in spirit..... RIP Gerry our dear friend, you are sadly missed....

thank you sandy,    unable to be there,   but GERRY will be in my thoughts for a long time to come,   as will GEOFF,    and SETH,    who i think of often,      GOOD posters and good cyber friends,   they will be sadly missed,  

Thanks Sandi. I hope Kathleen was there to meet him when he died. I know how much she meant to him and how very much he loved her.

Thanks for putting the picture up too Phyl. It is good to look at that while saying goodbye right now at his funeral.


RIP dear Gerry. You were such a good man and even though I never met you in a physical realm I grew to know and like you so very much my friend. Watch over those wallabies, your "little people" and fly free. No more pain.

SD, that is just beautiful....

Robi, lovely words...

For Gerry.

The song that once I dreamed about,

The tender, touching thing

As radiant as the rose without,

The love of wind and wing:

The perfect verses to the tune

Of woodland music set,

As beautiful as an afternoon,

Remain unwritten yet.


It is too late to write them now

The ancient fire is cold;

No ardent lights illume the brow,

As in the days of old

I cannot dream the dream again;

But, when the happy birds

Are singing in the sunny rain,

I think I hear its words.

H Kendall

S.D. thank you just beautiful, and poignant.

LOVELY,     S,D,    

Beautiful SD, Like always I headed to the Beach early and to say Goodbye to Gerry as the waves came in, eddies around and then pull back out. The sea is so much like life really calm or rough just watching it, being hypnotised by it, always brings me peace so was a good place to let Gerry go and be pleased that he is at peace with no more pain.


Today February 4 is World Cancer Day.

On this day:
• 1677 – Johann Ludwig Bach, German violinist and composer is born.
• 1789 – George Washington is unanimously elected as the first President of the United States by the U.S. Electoral College.
• 1797 – The Riobamba earthquake strikes Ecuador, causing up to 40,000 casualties.
• 1902 – Charles Lindbergh, American pilot and explorer is born.
• 1938 - Disney's "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" is officially released.
• 1957 - 1st electric portable typewriter placed on sale (Syracuse NY).
• 1987 – Death of Liberace, American singer-songwriter and pianist.
• 2004 - Mark Zuckerberg launches Facebook from his Harvard dormitory room.

Thank you RnR.

Those of us surviving cancer, and those with the struggle, along with someone close going through it, and remembering those who have left us who lost the battle, today is a day to hope and pray, there will be a 'cure' much sooner than later. Great advances already. I have been in remission 4 years and very grateful.

All the info. is great to read also - thank you RnR.









I think if a very small percentage of the money that is spent on futile wars was directed toward cancer research instead we would have had a cure years ago.


Agree SD we can't rely on big Pharmaceutical firms having any interest in finding a cure much more support and money as an enabler needs to be poured into all Countries Government fundings  and co-operation between countries.

Somewhere in their travels across NSW, Tasmania, Victoria and WA my twin grandchildren picked up Chickenpox although vaccinated and became ill shortly after returning to NSW. One twin had only one blister but the other twin was covered and quite ill,  her parents had a very worrying time for 36 hours. All my other grandchildren were also put at risk but seemed to be alright until this week when the 2and half was off colour and came out in a blister on his eye and had to be seen urgently by an Opthalmologist yesterday. 

If all children were vaccinated Chicken Pox would be eradicated, 80 children in December in one Victorian school where anti vaxxers are accepted got chicken Pox and obviously the vaccinated children can still have break throughs. My opinion is if not vaccinated they should not be able to be in a position to contaminate other children. 

Husband came home from the GP yesterday, who had talked him into having a trial injection to protect the over 70s from Shingles.....

Anyone else on the trial please?

Lots of us on here have had the Shingles vaccination Ann there is a Topic on health on it. I personally paid to have the Vaccination after Shingles in my eye and never wanting to go through that again. Glad I did knowing the Grandies caught Chickenpox and without the vaccination I would have been at risk. It is offered free to those between 70 to 80 now.

my husband has hadd the SHINGLES vacination,    he had a really bad case a few years ago,    was completly around his middle,   said it was very painful,   

RnR love your timeline hope you put up more of them,  amazing progress from Electric Typewriters to the Internet. 



Thought this was fantastic news

Several wheelchair users have taken their first dips in the ocean at Adelaide's Henley Beach where a special, accessible mat was rolled out to the water's edge.

Wheelchair user takes a dip Photo: Organisers hope the mats will become a regular sight around the country. (ABC News: Tom Fedorowytsch)

This is surely a great joy for the participants and volunteers.

I would think wheelchairs much safer in the water than speedsters on their machines, so why wouldn't all beaches allow them. 










Just a little help can make such a big difference to many folk.


S.D. So true.

Also Patience, and gentleness when dealing with any person with 'health problems, either physical or mental.

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