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.........................................Something comes into your mind? share it, as everyone is different so all topics have followers :) Happy thoughts, sad thoughts or just reflective thoughts - let's enjoy chatting without agro or nastiness. Who knows what we might learn from each other..........................................:) 

(A combination of Lets Chat and Today in memory of Gerry, Geomac and Seth.) 

Please keep it general so all can be included not about subjects that can aggravate like Politics or Religion. 

Today's Date Sunday 7th May 2017   

Many thanks to RnR and Toot for making this into such an interesting topic on past events for us all to learn so much. 


You sound settled Brocky:

Being able to 'adapt' is so important, as life can change in a very short time, as we 'clock up the years.'

Happiness, often takes many different avenues, but luckily, it can be found in so many simple things.

Life is still good as we age but it is different.

I don't know about anyone else but RnR you have made my day. Thanks for those photos. 


:) Great ... who do you suggest we ogle next Sunday?

How do you, or is one allowed to share photos on this site please?

I used to run a couple of Dog Groups on Yahoo years ago and the Moderator or Owner of the site has a facility to put in photos in another part of the site where members could go and have a peep if they wanted. Does this site have any of these facilities please?

ANN,    to my knowledge anyone can put photos up here,   [im sure someone will correct me if im wrong]     im afraid i dont take photos,   so doesnt apply to me,    IM sure your photos from the DOG GROUP would be welcome,     i dont know if there is another part to put up special photos,   but you can start your own thread and put them up there,        glad you are feeling well enough to post again,    


'What makes you happy?'

Happy – tricky for me to answer at times ... discerning between the exhilaration of something momentary that excites me, the smiling deep inside pleasure that comes from close family moments, the blissful contentment of being alone to do one's want after a busy day, the excitement of finding/learning something new and the sheer gratitude for being alive after sundry health scares, the sheer inward warmth in life's small moments, etc. etc.

But I sure as bloody hell know without doubt when I'm 'Not happy Jan'.

Not sure what that says about me or the human condition.

So beautifully said RnR. A summation of "happiness" that I think most of us would identify with.

:) Hey Robi. Thank you ... nothing like a compliment or a thank you to add to the happiness combo.


Interesting post.


Yes like you I feel I am on a journey of self discovery .
I feel as if I have willingly given my life to others I think when we are younger it's part of the package, of creating a family.
It's not that now I want to abandon my family in any way ,
But feel by creating my own path/environment I am once again showing my children a path I hope they will follow .
Not sure if content is the right word or not .
I am restless to know more and see more but don't feel the need to share or impose .
Even this isn't quite true as I still want to engage in discussion debate preferably with a good wine ,
I know this sounds contradictory but it is a journey and still learning .


Time to turn up ones toes when the desire to learn disappears.

I did a complere about face a few years ago and went from a technical environment to writing and researching history. I should have done this earlier in hindsight.

I enjoyed the study process to gain qualifications in History and Writing as well. It has kept the grey matter from turning to sludge and has given me a rather different slant on life.

Keep us informed as to how you are traveling.

Take it easy.



As a newbie I never knew the person Gerry that has just passed, he obviously left a deep impression on you all as you all seem so very sad.  He must have been a really special person.  I am sorry for your sadness and his family's loss.



Seth, Geomac and Gerry were all exceptional people, well worth the knowing.

They have left their mark upon many.


A balanced life?


Toot - I agree, but never Earl Grey - English Breakfast is my choice of the day and I love reading about people's lives. At the moment I am reading "Lion", very interesting and sad. I don't want to see the movie, I like to picture the story as I read it. That poor little boy, he is so lucky he wasn't abducted and taken into child  prostitution. 

Shaggy Dog
I am impressed with your achievements . I could not possibly emulate .
I just like the rather quiet path of enjoying my own company . ( in the main )
I would be delighted to keep you informed occasionally of my wandering mental and physical .
Perhaps you could write about the "Path less travelled "
Or has that been attempted .


Image result for happiness is within you quotes

Quote HOLA on previous page....

"Everything makes me Happy, I'm high on Life. When you have been close to death it makes you think very hard, and anything is better than that."

That's what it's all about....




Most of what I do I enjoy so it is could not really be seen as an achievement. Achievement smacks of toil which is something i do not overly enjoy.

One reason I gave aviation away is because I had ceased to enjoy the business.

i am of a similar vintage to your good self but life is still full of interest. Wendys Altzheimers keeps me a bit busy as I am now chief bottle washer and cook but I still have time for writing and other interests such as celestial navigation. i have a collection of sextants and pretend I am Captain Cook taking sun shots from my back pation. This amongst other things. Between trips I am restoring a small caravan, a rolling resto. I am a bit time poor I admit but better that way than being bored.

I became a little bogged down late last year and took a bit of a break but the folk mixed up in the current book would like to see some progress so my posting here will ease a bit in the next few days as I get back in to the writing. Forums and writing are not a good mix.

Take it easy and keep chatting.


I wish you well Shaggy Dog . You are obviously a man of integrity ,

S.D. is, a good bloke :) but also a writer who writes things which (in my opinion) touch the heart and makes for a better day for reading them.

SO good to see you back on the forum matey. 

6 FebruaryWaitangi Day, celebrates the founding of New Zealand in 1840.

On this day:

1778 – Britain declares war on France.
1819 – Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles founds Singapore as a British trading post.
1851 – The largest Australian bushfire in a populous region in recorded history take place in the state of Victoria. The Black Thursday bushfires were a devastating series of fires that burnt approximately 5 million hectares, or a quarter of the state.
1911 – First old-age home opened in Prescott, Arizona.
1911 – The official Rolls-Royce mascot "The Spirit of Ecstasy" was chosen.
1917 – Zsa Zsa Gabor, Hungarian-American actress and socialite born.
1918 – British women over the age of 30 get the right to vote.
1926 – First Doughnut Making Machine was launched by a company called Trausch Bakery.
1938 – Bondi Beach "Black Sunday”, a series of freak waves struck causing the death of 5 and a further 250 rescues.
1943 – Frank Sinatra makes his singing debut on popular radio show "Your Hit Parade."
1945 – Bob Marley the Jamaican reggae singer was born.
1952 – Elizabeth II becomes queen upon the death of her father, George VI. At the exact moment of succession, she was in a tree house at the Treetops Hotel in Kenya.
1964 – The British and French Governments announce commitment to build a tunnel under the English Channel.

Engraving by Julian Rossi Ashton

Princess Elizabeth with the Duke of Edinburgh at Treetops, Kenya – 1952.



Thanks for the interesting info RnR, an easy way to learn about history.  That bushfire must have been shocking and that Bondi wave would have been a sight to see.  Just like this hot spell we are having, hasn't been one like it for 120 years ago when there was hardly any pollution - that's what makes people sceptical about climate change - it's always happened before.

This made me smile

Jeremy Clarkson 


With that hair he could have passed for a Geraldine.


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