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Top 10 baby names of the 50s

Pick up the newspaper on any given day and there will be some celebrity who has labelled their child with a ridiculous moniker. If you were born around 1950, it is unlikely that Fifi Trixibell or Slash is how you are known, but what were the popular names of the 50s?

            Girls                           Boys

1.         Jennifer                 Peter

2.         Susan                    John

3.         Christine               Robert

4.         Julie                      David

5.         Margaret                Michael

6.         Helen                    Stephen

7.         Judith                    Ian

8.         Lynette                  Gregory

9.         Robyn                    Paul

10.       Elizabeth                 Gary


Is your name listed above? What is the strangest name you’ve ever heard given to a child?

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Patricia Medina could have popularised the name.  She died recently.

Thanks for finding that, certainly a possibility as she was born 1922 and was in films from 1935 so babes born from then could have been named for her.. wasn't she a beauty! 

I was named after the guy who killed Goliith the Gaint with a sling and I've been killing by other means ever since I was born.

I Was called Patricia but I don' have a clue why ,not a family name on either side ;My grandkids  call me Nan, the greats call me Nanny , as for my kids I called the I..I( injured innocense) M.C.(misplaced confidence and A.B.C.(absolute bloody Carelessness)

Hi Tadpole Patricia,  did you see the comment from Nautilus about Patricia Medina and my reply?  The fact that you didn't have ancestors of that name may mean you were named for her; worth checking that link.  How fortunate are you to be a Nan and a Nanny; my having had just one (late) child means very little chance of my becoming even a Nan!

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