People, People, People. 

I have a Dream. 

My dream is that every square centimeter of this

"Number One Country on this Planet " 

has access to as much water as they need. 

My dream is to Green Australia. Be able to live anywhere on this land and have access to cool water. 

How many Desalination plants could we have built using the money spent on the NBN. 

How much piling could we lay using the money spent on upgrading 4G to 5G. 

How much could we do to bring water to the centre of  Australia if we used the money on the Collins Class Subs. 

Canberra/Scotty (And past Scotty's) don't understand what is life. 

Water is Life. No water, no life. 

Is it that hard. Are we so stupid to think if I  need water, turn on the tap. 

We are the driest continent on this rock. 

My example what can be done with water, Dubai. 

They have turned the desert into a garden. 

Are they smarter than us, I don't think so. 

No-one on this rock is smarter than us. 

Just think if we had water everywhere, with the size of Australia, how many people could it support.

100 million 

200 million 

300 million. 

Could you imagine how big and strong our economy would be with 300 million to look after. 

Who needs to export. 

People tell me my dream is wrong, tell me I am just grabbing at straws. 

Water is Life. 

Regards George, King of Australia 


It's a great dream but sadly, a long way off.

Why can't the Top End pipe some of its abundant water south to assist drought-stricken states?

According to scientists, water experts, and those who have been involved with some of the Top End's biggest-ever water infrastructure projects, the idea could work — in theory.

But no government would ever have the cash surplus needed to fund it, with experts warning any such a plan would cost billions and billions — even trillions — of taxpayer dollars…………..



China managed to reticulate its water around the countryside

... perhaps some of our unemployed could help.

Your dream is ridicuous, so is your title (King of Australia)...which part of Australia do you reign supreme highness?

Maybe you should do some deep research and learn that there is no water shortage in Australia or the planet for that matter..there is a shortage on knowledge how to unearth that water.

The NBN and similar technology is needed to help us find that water and use it to irrigate our dry continent..no one is dying of thirst here in Oz...get real!!!!


Hello George,

over the years have often heard of different schemes to transport water from one region of this vast continent to another...

I mean in years of heavy rainfall you wonder why a lot of rain water can't simply be captured and somehow stored and transported to different regions of need during dry times...

Similarly pretty sure most Australians have lived in different towns and even cities in different parts of the country through times of drought, when everyone had to make efforts to conserve water ie. restricted watering of gardens, not washing cars as frequently, sharing bath water,  cutting down on laundry days  etc. that sort of thing...


The following article

'The Australian towns facing a looming 'day zero' crisis' - News.com.au - 16.7.2019 

refers to towns forced to cart drinking water only last year..

And like many Australians have memories of living in country towns where keeping water tanks at a reasonable level was a constant concern....

'Droughts and flooding rains' alright ...with heaps of issues and ideas attached to it...Sadly I haven't got the expertise to speak with any real authority as to its complete solution..