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What are your pet peeves?

There's an article in today's enews by you-know-who (that's me, in case you're wondering) that invites you to share your pet peeves. Only, it seems I have a new one, and that is: articles that don't allow you to make comments because some weird digital banshee is messing with our system. So, because the Webmaster is away today, and I was really looking forward to reading all about your gripes, here's my workaround ...

Share your pet peeves right here!

ps: apologies for the inconvenience. Blame the ghost in the machine!

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Hate rolls of sticky tape where you can't work out where they start to use the tape again .....I mean it seems to be the sort of situation where you locate the end of tape with your fingernail but then it seems to sort of just come off it smaller diagonal pieces rather than a decent lengthy piece of sticky tape - if you know what I mean...


Thanks for that tip Hola, good idea and doubt I would have ever thought of it myself....

I insist on buying only the cheapest gift wrapping paper and cheapest sticky tape I can lay my hands on, because most of it seems to be binned, but think it might be worse with the really cheap tape.. but dunno for sure....

Also pretty cheapskates when it comes to greeting cards as well..

Shetso1 ---  Someone told me if I put a little talcum powder on the end of the tape when I finish using it I can find the end very easily..or  when you have finished using the tape- just fold the end over, it works for me.

Yes I always fold a VERY small bit over just a tiny corner is all you need

This mornings peeve.....Vegimite and toast crumbs in the butter container.....:(

I also hate when I see anything in the butter  -- except butter  -- 

And we are not sure it really is butter now can we? It jogged my memory as to the real dairy butter ,pure Gold on the breakfast table, straight from the dairy farm up the road..with fresh homemade bread...

Absolutely nothing like it now. :(

HEAVENS CRANKY,    thats a hanging offense ,  isnt it,  ?    or should be,     have you got another new coat,   ?   look all spuced up there,  

Looks like a discarded St Patrick's jacket

Lacks class in an elite place like YLC ;)

Yes Cats I have coats of many colours, and give them all an airing...but I can only wear them one at a staves off the boredom of wearing the same old thing day after day..

That comment is harsh Abby, I hope there are no Irish people looking in, I would take that as an insult.

Like your jacket cranks, much nicer than having charcoal rot!

             Image result for sunflower with charcoal rot


Thankyou Ray...I guess it could be the green , It could peeve some people off...

Colour of envy... :(

I have just sat through 25 minutes of sport on the news..and then one of the most amazing news stories I have seen in a long while managed to squeeze itself into a blink and gone segment.

The Super hero dress up day..and some of those costumes were nothing short of fantastic, with so much effort, imagination and dedication to detail,I think they deserved a lot more airtime than a few short minutes..

It peeves me greatly when such items of great interest are completely overlooked in favour of fancy balls and footy boots which bore the socks off me...

I agree cranky --- most of the news is taken up with football or some other sport even though they have a very generous sort section a the end

It is NOT about sports ... it is about GAMBLING ... just another form of advertizing.

Six people in the house ..

Doesn't anyone know how to change an empty toilet roll or empty the overflowing kitchen bin?

It's fine...Don't get up ..." I'll do it "...!

GRRRR....We went to our local club for a great meal and played the pokies for a while....I was winning a few drops but not much to speak of..

A bit bored I got off my stool and a woman nearly knocked me over in her haste to get to the machine I was playing...

put two dollar coins in and "whammo".. "JACKPOT" lit up the screen...


I nearly knocked her off the seat...lolol

But that peeves me off bigtime,as it happens to me Frequently :(

In the early 70's I won second prize in the mater prize home...and received a television set..but I guess I had something on which to watch the winner receive the keys..even though she was filthy rich and didn't want it anyway...

Another peeve .....!!!!!!

imwith you on the kitchen bin,   cranky,    also,   washing on the line,  and its dry,    i am out and it starts to rain,   WHY,   OH WHY,    cant the person home bring it in for me,   

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