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What's your take on the Barnaby Joyce saga?


Is it in the Australian public's best interest to learn more about Barnaby Joyce's private life, or is it just interesting for the Australian public?

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The WA branch of the Nationals are not supporting Barnaby apparently.

Barnaby Joyce has been accused of sexual misconduct by a friend of WA Nationals leader Mia Davies

On Monday there is going to be a challenge to his leadership...interesting day for Barnaby!

Barnaby is becoming the victim in this saga. Natalie had known about the affair for 12 months. Apparently it was the worst kept secret in Canberra. Why did the Nats wait so long to voice their dissaproval of Barnaby? 

As a society we place far too much importance on sex. Sure its a fun pastime and what keeps humankind in the race but do we need to fight wars, create enemies, lose our jobs etc over sexual relationships? Seems the importance given is way out of balance with the act itself??



Frank, I sort of agree with you. While I personally don't see Barnaby as the victim here I can see why some do.

Many have said right from the start that's it's more about the misuse of his position to enable the affair rather than the actual affair.  

The media does love a juicy story, but it's starting to feel like a distraction from the more important aspects of the whole thing.  Something new comes to light and gets 30seconds of coverage before morphing into rehashing the whole sordid affair - again.

Personally, I think this will end up working in Barnaby's favour because it's starting to look like bullying, especially to his support base. 

I don't see it that way myself, my take on these things has always been if you can't take the heat get out of the kitchen.  I don't see him as the victim because he brought all this on himself, but I definitely agree with your last paragraph.

Oh, and why did the Nats (and everyone else for that matter) wait so long ... pretty simple really, needed to get the bi-election sorted before the story broke, nothing to do with morality.  

The punters know that the horse called morality rarely makes it past the post while the nag called self-interest always runs a good race.  ... Gough Whitlam




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