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When did they start male and females in same ward in hospsitals?

Meant to ask this before - no one seems to know and all say when asked by me -" shocking - I dont like it" - and thats both genders.


I think its the Left at work as usual - they like to muck things up and this surely is a mucking fuddle.

Sharing a ward means sharing ablutions and thats simply not a good idea.

I had a private room when I had my hip replaced so OK but still a bit of a shock and cant always get a private room even in private hospitals.




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Hi Cats, it seems that your husband had a very rough time of it having to stay for lengthy hospital visits and it would have been very hard on you at the time too! Anyway if he got even the smallest bit of enjoyment while there it would have helped him to cope no doubt!!

As for the music, no I didn't see Chris Botti and not sure if that was shown in W.A. What channel  and time was that on there?? Cheers.

HI SAGEMAN,    im sure he got a bit of enjoyment from it,  esp, as he got a better.    hope those hospital days are over now,    as for CHRIS BOTTI,     he was on the show SPICKS and SPECKS,     satuerday night,  i think,     they are mostly repeat programs,   i dont usualy watch,   but was flicking chanels and saw it,     it was the ABC COMEDY channel,    HAVE found a great singer,   micheal finkensine,     a cross between sinatra and perry como,    very good,     

I would rather share a room with a woman that a male homosexual.

lol lol - like they'd "fancy" you?????   Seriously?   lol lol - wink wink

Agreed Foxy 

neither sex would fancy our obese friend 


TOM,    if you were truly sick   you wouldnt care WHO was in the ward,    long as you were taken care of,   what would it matter,     dont think they would fancy you,  anyway,  

There's no question in my mind that the issue of shared wards is down to money.    Peter Costello said it years ago, well before he became a politician: There will never be enough money for health or public transport.

Mixed hospital wards may not be such a bad thing, single men and women get to know each other and who knows, the wedding bells may chime

mixed sex ward

...... dipstick! ...................

Reagan -  I think you are right there. My friend was in hospital for some diagnostic work being done,  a gentleman who was in the bed next to her's started talking and  told her he had lost his wife 6 months before. He said he was finding it difficult getting out and socialising by himself. My friend told him he could always ring her if he wanted to chat. Well low and behold he did ring her about 2 months later and asked her for Coffee. She agreed and they got on just great. This happened about 12 months ago and now they are planning a trip to Queensland for a week. His family are not too happy about it, but lets face it, it's his life and try and have a little happiness while they still have time. 

Hola..Reagan is in Fiji...


Thanks for that Sophie, I now remember Reagan telling me, Just a small case of forgetfullness.

Ray - I meant to write the above to you, sorry about that. 


That's all right HOLA. As long as you realise I'm better looking than Reagan!

I met my wife of 40 years in a hospital, not as patients, but I did have a lot of patience. We were both visiting relatives. I asked her out for coffee, next thing I knew she was off to the US. I followed and the rest is history!


Nothing like a long and happy marriage. Highly recommended!

Ray - That's how my Mother and Father met, in a hospital. She was visiting her Dad and my Father was in the bed next to him. Dad said when he first saw my Mother he was immediately smitten and told a friend she would be his wife within 2 years, and she was. Although they lived 300 miles apart and only saw each other about 5 times it all turned out good. They were married in Calcutta, India and had 59 years of a lovely marriage.  I love a good love story.

some marriages are not so long,   they just feel like a looong time,  

Cats, Hola,

Just to say that I've been in a married state for over 50 years now!  To two partners though, the first of which was for around a third of that time and which seemed a hell of a long time! The second of which has been around two thirds of the time and seems too damn short!!

P.S. Coffee must take the blame for starting so many relationships but you can't really ask someone out for tea !!

SAGEMAN,   i was being fascicious when i said that,      i to have been married twice,    when i was 17 i met my present husband,   only went out with him twice,   but he said;  i am going to marry you'   at the time i thought him quite mad,      i then met my first husband,    married,    after 3 years i decided i didnt like it,  and walked,     about 12 months later,   i ran into ,RUSS again,        and yes,  we did marry,  and here we are 56 years later,      sometimes it just seems like a long time,   would i change it,       no,      

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