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When the mind is willing…

Ageing is said to be a state of mind but what happens when the body doesn’t subscribe to the train of thought? YOURLifeChoices subscriber Joan feels young but her body is stopping her from living life to the full. Can you suggest ways she can enjoy life with her limited mobility?

The dilemma
My biggest problem is getting my head to come to terms with my age. I am now 76. My head is continually in conflict as it can't accept that my physical body can't do the things it wants to do.

I would be interested in hearing if this is a common problem. Physically, due to health reasons, I can't do the many things I did when I was younger, but my head is in complete conflict with this and until last year, when I had a fracture just below my knee and had to spend 3 months in bed to allow the fracture to heal, I had never been worried about living alone and had always been independent. My biggest problem is I have had 6 spinal surgeries over the years, but in appearance I look healthy and feel a bit like a phoney when I go to the only activity that I can do, which is Hydro-Therapy. Having a bad back is a lot like when a woman pleads "Sorry dear, I have a headache". One has to take one's word for the pain one feels if they try to do some of what the head wants to.

The only services I use is Homecare, who come four-weekly to vacuum my unit and do my bathroom and kitchen floors. I accepted many years ago that my vacuum and I were no longer friends.

I would love to hear from others re this type of situation.

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Hello Muz , I think everyone is a bit quite , I have just been cleaning out my mail box as well . I think a majority of Aussies can make claim to a "heinz" family background . I  know my great rellies were imports from Ireland Scotland and England and it wasnt a first class cabin ..(smile) My husband is Sicillian and thats a whole different culture again . Hope your grandson stays safe and his tour of duty is short . A sad strange war tis Afganistan . The only place I have been in America is Hawaii .I hope to see more one day , but my husband does not like to fly .I will have to do some heavy convincing   Tupence  

We also call it Heinze 57, that's funny. My sister taught school in London one year and Amsterdam the next year so before I met my sweetie I was able to travel to Europe. She and I had a grand time. I have travelled over most of the states but since Earl and I married we pretty much stick to Arizona. He is not a traveller.

Thanks for the note. Now I know I didn't mess up.  I was thinking about it and this group has fun, teases and talks about their day. I love that. Also what I have noticed is you all don't get wrapped up in religion other subjects that seem to cause chaos. That is such a relief. I can look forward to pleasant chatter. Muzzy

Hi Muz, The reason there is no religion in this post

is because they are all pagans. I've done my best

to change them but their cannaballistic ways remain.

We even had a duck trying to devour a tadpole.

Now regarding politics, We find we have enough lies

and jokes without any more humour being added.

Sometimes we may tune into politics for a chuckle

at the good humoured polite discussions.

Hell Muzzy and tuppence, You did not muck up Muzzy you found us again and it is realy good to see you. I have had a virus wich is making me feel a little out of sorts{bloody awful actualy} so it gives me a bit of a lift to log in and talk to you guys. Muzzy we have a great group of mates in this forum,most of us like to just joke tease and generally muck around but if support is needed we are there for one another to the best of our ability.We do have members that only post political and critical gloom and doom and some of these forums are very relevant in todays world but one can only deal with a certain amount before you become helplessly depressed and wont to go bang your head against a wall for relief.I think that we all have issues both good and bad that affect our day to day wellbeing and we just have to do the best that we can.  Talking about it doesnt fix it it generally just makes others feel miserable too.I have been to europe but have never been to the states but its in my bucket list ,who knows I have always wanted to see San Francisco maybe one dayit will happen.Tuppence I am surprised to find you married to an Italian as well. Thats lovely ,which city did your hubby come from? Have you been to Italy?well girls I am going to make some lunch so will catch you all later ,Hugs wobbly

Seth, you are such a pill. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You made me laugh. My daughter just called in tears, which makes me tear up..... that her son was just given 20 minutes to throw what he could in his pack as he was being shipped immediately to Afghanistan. I am still sad but you helped. Thanks again.

It is close to midnight Monday. I should be in bed. Had to come and see what this bunch is up to. Wobbly, I am sorry you are under the weather. Give it to someone then you will be rid of it.. Bringing new baby boy home from the hospital tomorrow. Mama is doing well. I think that baby is so big it should be walking home on his own.  Another promise of cooler days but they lied. I think my sweaters are never going to come out of storage at this rate. Thanks to all for being there.

Hi Wobby , hope you feel better soon , nothing worse than a virus and if the weather is still cold , it makes it even more miserable . I am so glad spring has sprung , I am well and truly over winter , though I guess I canna complain with the comparison to Tassy winters . Yep I am married to an Itallian , his family came from Sicilly and his father cut cane up north Qld in the 1930's  till he could bring Sams mother and 2 brothers to Aus . Sam (hubs) was born in Innisfail . Then they came to Stanthorpe and bought a fruit farm . We have pretty much lived in the itallian culture , lots of food , loud gatherings and lots of tears for the family tragedys , and yelling and kissing (grin) Our daughter had a very strict upbringing because of the ethnic values , it made me sad at times because she wasnt allowed to do a lot of what other kids did , but she survived with no regrets or grudges and is still the joy of my life . No Havnt been to Italy , hubs wont fly that far , his Idea of a holiday is a cruise and we have done quite a few of those , I would like to find my wings and fly , maybe one day ....   Tupence

Oh dear Muzzy ,I am so sorry ,I do know how you feel as I have felt that cold fear take over my heart. The worst thing is realising that you are powerless to protect both your daughter from that fear and your beloved grandson from the Taliban. My heart goes out to you and your family now and I will include him in my prayers . The most important thing you can do for your grandson now is to write to him as often as possible ,every time you go shopping pick up treats that he loves and post him a parcel every week. I was shocked and dismayed to find that there are a lot of our boys over there who never get mail from home, my grandson was embarrassed cause he become a bit of a joke receiving so much so in the end we just sent extra parcels just adressed to the guys of his group it didnt matter as they all shared whatever they got anyway.Do not worry if you dont here from him for a while as there is very limited contact and this is to protect him.usualy one at a time is aloud to make a very brief call home only a minute or two and then they have to change the position they are calling from, this is also to protect them I will keep you in my thoughts ,hugs Wobbly

Hello Tuppence ,i had a grin on my face reading your post.How well you describe the lifestyle and the drama of living with an Italian family Food music food theatrics food drama music lots of laughter hard work exuberance and huge love.Italians never do things by halves do they?I do understand what you mean regarding your daughter being brought up within the Italian culture as I had 4 daughters and they also had that difficulty to deal with and as an AussieI found myself realy torn at times but we got through it and they have all done very well .I have found though that the older my daughters become the more the Italian they are and they all have that temperament so now its my twin grandaughters who appeal to me for help lol but at the same time they are all very proud of the fact that they hold Italian passports and heritage.l  am very involved within the Italian community here in Tassie and love it as they are a lovely race of people on the whole.We lived in Qld for many years and the local boys used to refer to my husband as the mafia boss as he was just so very very strict  but he adored his daughters and just would not accept anything but the best for them. Hugs wobbly

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