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Why is iPad slow to open?

It has plenty of space but takes 4 minutes to open. When I go into storage mail is the biggest file, yet it is set up to delete from server after seven days? I delete from my server I have checked and hardly any emails.

so why so many on iPad and I can't see them to,delete as nothing to delete?

thanks Belinda



It may havesomething to do with

"Apple on Thursday apologised to its customers for slowing down performance of older iPhone models and said it would discount replacement batteries for some of its handsets.

The move by Apple responded to an uproar from iPhone users - and a series of lawsuits - after news of the battery problems stoked concerns the company was unfairly nudging consumers to upgrade."

So might be an idea to check the battery ???

Apparently Apple did that during an upgrade ...seems fishy to me

Apple are rip-offs I got offered an iPhone but after having an iPod I will not touch another Apple product ever again -- they change things so often last ones things don't fit the next and so a money making racket for them

Thanks - I happen to love my apple devices. I reckon they are all cons  -  whether Windows, or Google - they all want you to use their services only! LOL. Sad, but true!

Thanks for the link - will check it out. 

ekbg2002, I love Mac too. Got my first Mac desktop in 1987.

All the best with your iPad. More advice on the link below.

iPad slow to start.

Had to do a hard reset on my iPhone the other day ... first ever ... working fine now.

Hi ekbg2002,

What sort of iPad do you have? I had the iPad 2 and used to have problems after the iOS updates but I updated this year and have no further problems.