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Would you downsize your home?

My parents are currently building a smaller home to downsize form their current one. It'll be in the same suburb. Less maintenance for them, and some money forme the sale of a larger home.


Are you considering downsizing your home? WHat are the pros and cons that you have been weighing up?


The trouble of up loading and moving is really not something I feel a bit like doing at this time in my life, plus I LOVE where I am and being able to have lots of room around me, land wise AND house wise PLUS the cost of buying AND selling is really something I can do without,

I have only lived in 4 homes in my entire life-- including this one -- and I have never been one for moving, I am very content here

I have lived in 13 different places from a child and amongst those moves I have lived in three overseas countries and visited 23.

Moving does not worry me as you can see LOL.

Yes, we will be downsizing.  Ran into a couple yesterday who have moved into Perth from 75 kms away to be closer to their children and grand children.


They are now apartment dwellers in a high rise retirement development.  They have a 3 x 2 with a large wrap around balcony.  They too loved the home and the environment they had previously but realised that further down the track it would be too much for them and especially if the hubby died.  

They are enjoying their new way of living and spend a lot of time visiting friends children and grandc hildren and doing more travelling.  Very happy with their move and have made a lot of new friends around their own ages and right in the middle of everything...parks, close to railway, buses and shopping centres very close by.

They recently visited his brother and wife in their 90's.  They are still living in a large home;  it is falling down around them ;  they are unable to cope at their age but they are too old to move now...they have left it too late.

I agree with you Radish,you freinds sound like they have done the right thing at the right time for all the right reasons, my hubby and i sold our very large home and built this 3 bed home  but he passed away shortly after, i often think how lucky i was that we made the move together although i now realise that i now probably need to downsize again.. seeing these tiny homes that are little more than one room i find myself thinking they really look appealing..tempted to build one in my back garden and  move into it ..

We live in a larger house but need the space for hobbies and collections so moving is no no.

We have a cleaner in for 3 hours per week and a maintainence man to keep the garden and odd jobs up to date as required.

I down sized about 7 years ago I moved about  1km down the road closer to shops

I still have 3 good size  bedrooms  and good size kiten/lounge/dinning a good size back yard with a gate onto the back lane and have a good size front garden and parking for 7 cars  I am the back house of two

Peter and I are trying to decide what to do, as we have a large house with so many rooms being closed off which is o.k. but we would like to be again, nearer the sea. Our daughter wants us to go to The Sunshine Coast near her and my only grandson, but whether the humidity would suit Peter with his emphysema, we are not sure and such a big move.

I will be glad when we can make up our minds. Still thinking of buying into an over 50's community but as have been told strata title is not such a good idea not sure.

We do not want a garden or lawns anymore, so a unit, albeit will take time to get used to the small size might be best.

Phyl I can understand re Peter and his breathing problem, why don't you have a look around the NSW coast very lovey and right from the very Sth to the Nth wonderful beach areas -- the Sth Coast would not have the Humidity that the Sunshine coast would have and there are some wonderful beach areas tthere also, wonderful beach areas right up the NSW coast. 

I can try and send you some photos if you would like?

Phyl, I have been thinking along the same lines - I presently have a fairly large home with swimming pool and find the workload/maintenance an increasing problem. I have been thinking of downsizing to a unit or villa for ease and a simpler lifestyle. I hope you find something suitable on the sunshine coast.

Isn't it worrying trying to make the right decision.

I am SO lucky Peter are so in tune with each, BUT he says "whatever you decide Phyl. I will be happy with.

We ae going to sell a lot of furniture very soon.

It is usually the wife who has to make the decision to move;  that way the husband is off the hook if it does not work out ;)

You are kind P.B. We will have a look on the net today at NSW coast area.

I will come decorate your house for Christmas for thanks  


I have a friend that moved from Bankstown Sydney to Terranora .. near Gold Coast a couple of years ago and he does say it is very humid there and that there are times he has to spend indoors as a result of that.

Perhaps you and yours should go and have an extended holiday in the area during the most humid period there, to find out how it is and how you cope .. during this time you can also have a look at the housing availability ensuring that you have shopping an medical availabilit close by

You are welcome Phyl,  the Sth coast of NSw is very nice --thinking Vincentia near Jervis Bay some pic here --they have wonderful beaches there also and lovely white sand also some lovely areas around it.  You would not get the humidity like you would in the Northern areas

Also info here


LOL re the Xmas decorations

We have downsized before retirement, and now have a 1925 weatherboard cottage in an older part of town (country town), smallish garden, pool, within one block of the railway station and doctor surgery, within two to three blocks from the major shopping centres in town, half a block from the town library.  Ideal for us and since we'll be retiring in the next few months, we're looking forward to spending more time at home.   Wife wanted to put some accommodation on the block for when the kids came to stay, but when I analysed it, it is far more cost effective to put them into a motel when they come to town than to spend the money on a non income producing asset.  A plus for me is not to have the blighters under my feet when I get up in the morning.  Win-win.

Thank you so much P.B. Beautiful places and looking into it with another perceptive.

The white sand is wonderful.

There are also a lot of nice natural places down that way too Phyl,  Eden / Batemans Bay / Kiama / Nowra --all very nice, are you able to maybe take a short time away and visit up along the coast ?

We downsized couple years ago. Best move we made.

Small garden, lot of paved areas and we have a caravan at

the back for guests, can sleep five.

Caravan at the back housing guests sounds like a good idea ... similar to what SD has.

Thanks very much folks looking at NSW also

and realising the humidity may not be perfect for Peter in Qld.


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