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Anti-masker 'Bunnings Karen' debate goes viral

anti-masker being arrested

A woman refusing to wear a mask inside a Bunnings store has gone viral.

The anti-masker, now known as Karen from Bunnings, walked into a Bunnings store without a mask and was asked to put one on before proceeding.

“Well it’s clear I don’t and you are not authorised to ask me or question me about it,” she says in the self-filmed video.

The woman was asked if she wanted to speak to the manager, who tells her she needs a medical certificate if she wants to continue into the store.

“I actually don’t need a medical certificate,” she says.

“You’re discriminating against me.”

Then another staff member tells her the mask is a condition of entry.

“That’s discrimination and I can have you sued personally for discriminating against me as a woman,” she says.

“It’s an unlawful condition of entry, therefore that exposes you, personally and Bunnings to being sued for discrimination because it is in breach of the 1948 Charter of Human Rights to discriminate against men and women.”

The woman was asked to stop filming several times but she refused.

The woman’s actions and the resulting viral video comes as Victoria recorded one of its highest coronavirus cases on Sunday, with 459 people testing positive and 10 deaths.

Bunnings Chief Operating Officer Deb Poole described ‘Karen’s’ behaviour as “completely unacceptable” and said the safety of customers and staff was the chain’s highest priority.

“We won’t tolerate abuse against our team members and we have security at all metro Melbourne and Mitchell Shire stores as support,” she said.

“Our team will also alert the police should they encounter any difficulties.”

Further videos show the woman arguing with police in the carpark after the incident in store.

On the same weekend, she entered an Australia Post office with the same argument and berated a staff member for trying to protect the community.

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using the name Karen is offensive to all the women named Karen. If Coon cheese is offensive then stop using Karen

Karen is already part of the vernacular so good luck with linking the Karen meme to Coon cheese as a justification to cease and desist, talk about futile!

Typical of the "entitled generation" at work, anti vaxers, flat earth believers, right to own gun idiots are all potential murderers.

I would like her charged with trying to murder my elder family members and myself. The law should make her and her idiot followers work in a hospital like others have mentioned.

The virus is also spreading stupitity in the population all over the world.

There is more than the physical health problems to worry about now.

She shouldnt be called Karen.

Bl##dy Stupid Bit## is a more descriptive name for her and all the easily led sheep.

Send her to America and introduce her to Trump, the clown prince of the USA, she would be at home there in the south where the other red necks live.

Reading this Thread sounds like a Lynch Mob at work!

The woman has a medical issue, it should be respected not pounced upon, it doesn't say much for my age group.

I would hate to be Judged in Court by this Thread you would have hung her without hearing the evidence.


Utter rubbish!!!

She is a member of a fanatical group called the Conscious Truth Network. If she has a mental problem they all have and none of them should be let out of an asylum.

Watch her leader James Bartolo argue with police officers in the link:

Driver pulled over at Victorian COVID checkpoint argues disease is ...





                    Laughing Hysterically GIFs | Tenor


People like that idiot and the others who refuse to wear a mask should be strapped to a chair in an ICU ward and observe what happens to a person on a ventilator.


Doctors fighting coronavirus face a ventilator Catch-22 — Quartz




Lotta muscles, few brains LOL

send the lot of them to Christmas Island and bring the tamil family back to  Oz

why is Celia laughing? lost the plot?

There's a whole bunch of these people who meet and plan action to flout the rules. They believe Covid-19 is a hoax devised by conspiratorial governments to control the masses. Ignorant and selfish they are now known as the Covidiots. Fine them big I say.....




Karen from Bunnings: customer unmasked in Facebook video


Fed-up neighbours of the woman dubbed ‘Bunnings Karen’  (real name Kerry Nash) have unleashed on her day-to-day antics, claiming confrontations with police, backyard bonfires and lectures about “that law sh*t” were the norm long before she hit the headlines this week.

Herald Sun





Interesting ... sounds like a serial pest.

Ken and Karen,' the wealthy couple who pulled guns on protesters ...

These two are the original Ken and Karen, now everyone who misbehaves during the pandemic is either a Ken or a Karen LOL

I have no sympathy for her.  She behaved in a manner dangerous to the general public and if she has a mental health problem needs to be confined until it is safe for her to be in the public eye again without a mask.  If it is an attitudinal thoiung then a $200 fine is the appropriate outcome.  I would be confident that the police would be able to work out what is the appropriate action, it is most certainly not doing anything.


This morning on the Today Show on Channel9 they gave her oxygen which she thrives on

... bad enough her putting that garbage on Social Media

Apparently her real name is Lizzy Rose, claimed to be a a professional psychic ?

More likely to be on the taxpayer teat.


Her real name is Kerry Nash...but she goes by many other names as well. Used to work at iSelect and either left or was pushed, she's looking for another job!


Who is Kerry Nash? Anti-Mask Woman Unmasked; Bio, Wiki, Age, Work ...

yep saw that on the internet the other day, she'll get a lota offers now LOL

did you know these women are "white witches"?

Just found out...She is a self-proclaimed high priestess witch who performs exorcisms for a living. 

First to point out that I am UK resident so hope you don't think I am not entitled to post!  This woman behaved dreadfully and I would never seek to excuse her in any way shape or form.  But the trouble is that such folk tend to make it hard for anyone with any doubts whatsoever to express their opinion without the risk of being ridiculed, or called a conspiracy theorist, or a Trump fan (I loathe the man with the deepest of loathing!).  

I have not yet asked for an exemption but am seriously considering it.  I suffer from severe claustrophobia, and for me wearing a mask even for a few minutes is a very unpleasant experience.  Even leaving my own personal matters aside; where I live on the East Coast of England is an area where there have been virtually no cases so it seems absurd to treat it just the same as a hotspot.  Admittedly the UK does not have a federal structure (I wish it did) so regional variations are more awkward, but some areas have been put on stricter measures, so surely the same should apply in reverse.

I enjoy this site even though I am neither Australian nor a senior (though not far off) and hope that whilst of course eeryone is free to disagree with me, I am welcome here!

Logan-Hocking Middle School CounselingDebbie The Pom

good to see you posting your opinion... it would be a sad world if we agreed on everything

Thank you, Suze - what a lovely welcome!  As you say, being able to disagree firmly but not acrimoniously is a wonderful think.

if you are a long time reader on this site you will understand that many on here do not like to debate a contest of ideas and can become a little tetchy if not offering affirmations.

I think it is always good to agree to disagree --  - we can not all be right or wrong

Now there's KMart Karen - a coven of these women running around Melb telling shop owners it's against their religion to wear a mask, as it is the sign of the beast LOL


Kmart Karen Victoria coronavirus anti-masker argues over face mask ...



I really don't agree with the patience shown these pests - it should be really quite simple for cops to diffuse the situation:

- you are in a private space, the conditions of entry require you to wear a mask, please put on a mask or leave immediately

- if they refuse then arrest them for not following a lawful directive

- when in a public space, ask them if they have a lawful explanation for being out without a mask? Tell them they are going to be fined for non-compliance with health order if lawful explanation is not provided. Ask Karen for her name and details, if not given then arrest for obstructing an officer in carrying out his/her duties. Detain until the Karen wagen makes its next run to take them for processing.

Let them make a case to the magistrate.

Lizzy Rose at work.

Meet Australia's real life exorcist, Lizzy Rose

Stupid witches at work, stop their dole money, check their tax returns and bank accounts.

If they are renters lock them out. fines and gaol. Deportation to a desert island.

Make them have a bath, brush their teeth and get a propper job.

So un Australian and are not human,  they are oxygen wasters. Wouldnt pee on them if they were on fire, it would be a waste of good urine.

Although face masks are not yet mandatory in N.S.W., I was at my local Coffee Club Cafe this morning when 3 people sat at a table down from us and all had masks on, I thought, okay they are trying to do the right thing, the father then removed his mask and gave a hugh sneeze on to the ground. Oh, they're all out there, bogans, I call them. Even the girl that serves said it is her job to take people's details in case of a COVID outbreak, these people refuse to give details, they are then asked to leave. What is wrong with these people?

What about these two (at least) dumb idiots in Queensland, I hope their parents are proud of them. I bet if you interviewed them they would use the same excise that parents of all juvenile delinquents say, I cant control my kids, you dont know what they are doing all the time, this is probably the same excise they have been using since they were playing up in pre school.

Fine the parents of all delinquints, they are responsible for their kids until 18 years old, its obvious these "entitled Generation" pair have been like ths all their lives.

So very un Australian and thoughtless, see what they say when their older relatives die from their stupidity.

Let then serve 6 months isolation in gaol then the next 6 months working for the people they are attempting to murder.


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