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Google Street view

We received a lot of feedback on our first article regarding Google maps, which showed readers how they could view their own homes and backyards through the satellite images collected and posted by Google maps. There were those who felt this technology was a invasion of their privacy, I can only imagine what they are saying now with the release of Google’s new technology added to their mapping system in the past week, Street View.

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All it shows of my home is the very long driveway and the garage and privacy hedge - it's doing it's job hey?

Being on dial up I have been unable to get this --I can see the down sides of it--it is amazing what they are able to do.

I think you will find it has been done some time ago and is not live

hello planb,i'm on dial-up and i can get it,theres a lot of people saying it's invading thier privacy but i can't see how,it only shows the house,not the householders name,it's fascinating..

Maybe it is my version--I am still on 98se--? I agree it would be interesting but you could look up any address in the phone book--I have heard that on some places you can a;most see in the windows ?

Looked up a few places and haven't seen in a window yet, just the outside from a couple of different angles.

I checked my Muslim neighbours house. You cant see them, but its pretty obvious they are inside and dealing drugs.

Its been pointed out Moira that the view is not taken in real time can not see movement either of people or any other ........What does it matter if the curtains are open when the photo was taken ............this might have been months ago and now you can close your curtains if this bothers you


I am not keen on Muslims either but your comment here is a bit harsh and I don'nt know why you are sure that they are doing what you say they are ...............Have you introduced yourself to them and offered to help them .........they would be glad to meet you I reckon


Clay, this is one of the people who they warn you about - just out to make mischief. Ignore if you can.

Good advice Bev.........thanks...........clay

No worries mate - there's always one in each family isn't there?

Enjoy today - you may not have tomorrow.

Enjoy today - you may not have tomorrow


True words indeed .Bev.......Forums are difficult to come to terms with and I usually rush in with a strong comment or two ..........I am learning to be a bit more tolerant ..........maybe .........LOL

Sometimes, I am hours - or even days old, in my replies. I prefer to sit back and watch for a while, try to work out who are genuine, and who just want to debate. It's good to have a spot where we can all contribute.

I like to read a persons Profile and although not all of us are able to provide informtion it gives me a feel for personalities...........

[color=purple][size=4]I can understand why there might be reservations re privacy with Google. But we are now living in a world of technology moving along at breakneck speed.

The technology is advancing so quickly, that I think it must be nearly impossible for the lawmakers to keep up. But they seem to eventually find a level.

I'm fascinated by this latest innovation, and sticky beak that I am, I love to follow the arrows and look around different neighbourhoods.[/size][/color]

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