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"REALITY TV" - (+ TV in general and hideous ads.!)

Only 1 month into 2019 and here we go again - the amazing  number of Reality TV shows that are on most nights of the week .......... (some good - some bad) .....

We have:-  (for those who may be interested...)

MKR - (7)

been on for years - still rating very highly ....(Manu and "Paleo Pete") ...the judges .....

Married at First Sight - (9)

ratings were highest ever for a "reality show" in  2017/18 .(just beat "Ninja Warrior"!)... 

Back into the  "Celebrity Jungle" again for Chn. 10 - ugh ..(the stuff they eat and do is sickening!)

Ninja Warrior returning to Chn. 9 .....

Bachelor - Chn. 10 - returning later in year .....

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OK - I will admit to watching ..........


Married at First Sight

Bride and Prejudice

I "flip thru" .......... with a smile .......the following .........


Age Gap Love - (seen one you seen 'em all)  - all the same - almost .....

Did watch for the very first time "Celebrity Jungle" when Kiera (ex. Bachelorette) went into the camp .......ugh - revolting!  Getting "stars" from behind "paintings' - boxes behind were full of spiders - snakes - chilli's etc. - hideous!  Not into that at all ......

"Hunted" is really clever ........

"Celebrity Apprentice" - still to see .......

Stick these shows between my favourites of  - Four Corners - Q. & A - Insight - Dateline etc.

.................... never anything "not" to watch in the evenings -  when home .......... :-)

You have just reminded me that I have been forgetting to watch "Bride and Prejudice" Foxy. Saw the first few episodes and loved it. The episode where the gay guy told his homophobic parents that he was getting married had me in tears of empathy for him and anger for the parents. How could any mother disown her child in favour of religion? And the father who thinks his gorgeous son is "not a man" was showing himself up to be the most piss weak man of all men. I would love to have given them both a piece of my mind in real life. Great reality show.

Robi - yes!  I was amazed that it was so "heart-wrenching" - I thought "wow" - even "real actors" would have a problem pulling that one off - it was so "real" and obviously very honest?!  Awful!

His partner has wonderful parents who flew in from the U.S. (where the guys are getting married)... they have even offered his parents air tickets and accom. to go to the U.S. and be part of his wedding ......maybe they will go?  They are copping a lot of 'flack" from people in Oz to the point they are almost "prisoners" in their own home!  Bizarre.

It's on Mondays at 9.00am Chn. 7

Makes you wonder why people would go on such a show?

.....yes - was thinking that?  Surely the parents would not like the intrusion of a camera crew into their home when such "raw emotions" are being felt ......I "googled" to see if they received any money from the network....don't appear to be .......... 

... blurb on Google just says they did it to bring to attention what "families" go through in their lives  ...blah blah ....weird.......

I reckon those parents did it because they are wanting the world to know they are shaming their son and indirectly all homosexuals. It's just another homophobic action, driven in the mothers case by religion and in the fathers case by immature macho BS. They obviously want people to know that they don't accept their son and probably imagined they would have the majority on side. Good to hear they got a negative public reaction. Yes the other parents are beautiful. Talk about good and evil.....

Robi, or it could be the son wanting to shame his parents given that he has had very little if any contact with them for years before the show. He knew exactly what their reaction would be yet he did it anyway to embarrass and shame them on national TV and place himself as the 'victim'. How convenient then to have his Aunt (Mother's sister) and future 'in-laws' be the complete oposite.

And how predictable of people on this site to criticise his parents for having their own opinions and faith and sticking to them.

Or it could be good for ratings, I could imagine the producers pushing that family...

I agee..."weird"...there is enough intrusion in our lives as it is without putting yourself out there under public scrutiny.


OK - well - much to my dismay - lol (kidding) I caught up today with the MKR shows .......cold and rainy here in Melb. so what better time ......... thank heavens I recorded them - there is exactly 5 mins of ads. between each segment of the show ....cuts it down to like a 35/40 mins. per show ....... lol

The married so called young "Hipsters" from Melb. - the chick that "cries" all  the time?  Spare me the pain!  lol 

The "screeching/giggling" sisters from NSW - Arghhhh  - nice people but their voices??......hideous!

The "Seafood King"  from Broome W.A.  - well - what a "loser" he turned out to be - all talk and no action!  Lowest score ever ......   lol lol .....

Am now in the mood for MKR tonight - yayyyyyy  -  the gals from Qld. I think??? 

It sure does not pay to be a braggard "before" you cook.   He came a real gutsa didn't he.   Cannot say I was one bit sorry for him.

I admit to watching none of these shows. Even playing Spider or Rummiecube or Sudoku, or reading a book is more entertaining than watching that crap. The power button gets very handy for switching the tele off after watching the news.

Yeah - husband and I would rather play scrabble !!

Can't stand any of them - trite anad inane.   Not my cup of tea at all.

I tape them and just flick through...never watch shows in full I must admit.



 'DATING NAKED'  Chn. 11

....the next and upcoming series of "Dating Naked" starts this Thursday  -  this is now it's 4th. year (I think?) ........ judging by some of the male bodies in this show - it is most definitely "Reality TV on Steroids" - lol lol lol ........................... (sorry - couldn't resist that one)  maybe the Scrabble players also play Strip Jack Naked?  lol lol lol ........the mind boggles ....................   :-)

Dpression is now a major illnees in modern society. I believe it is caused by mind numbing television shows. 

In fact i believe the curse of insanity is caused by reality TV shows.

The mind is a fragile thing and when it tries to make sense of shows like " I'm an idiot get me out of here" where participants eat maggots, cuddle up to snakes and spiders, and then sit around like homeless slobs then the mind rebles and curves back on itself because it can't believe people are so stupid.

But worse than that are the morons who think up these reality show ideas. Nobody will convince me that these peopel are sane. They are very sick individuals and need help.

Commerical morning TV news is another reality show that is beyond belief.

Here you have up to five brain dead individuals delivering the news about wars, road deaths, goverenment corruption, and murders while at the same time giggling insanely at one another to see who could make some sort of smart -arse comment.

While most of the trouble in the world is caused by the worm infested brains of politicans commerical television is the back-up plan.

No thanks. I have better things to do. Stick your TV where the sun doesn't shine.     

I never watch these inane stupid reality shows I did watch one the other day -- the one where they got married without ever meeting and IMO that is downright stupidity and making a mockery of marriage and I ask what type of IDIOT would even do that!  

...... not to be taken seriously - all a bit of lighthearted TV  .......   :-)

It is all a  "look over there"  to blind people to whats really going on in this SICK world,  while the likes of the Government of the world are robbing us blind and treating us like the idiots most are.



Well last night on M at FS - the "gals" saw how the "guys' really lived ....and ...taken away from their "comfort zone" - the apartments/outings/dinner party "world"  they have all been experiencing - reality is now setting in!

IMO - the majority of the guys are total "dweebs" - how anyone in their right mind could put up with "Anthony" .. ...  also the "Army Guy" who spent time in Iraq (can't remember his name?) ...oh and Simon (who got his long curls cut at the Salon....) .........and Susan's "Farmer" in Qld. - still living with Mum and Dad at age 36!  Phuleeeeeze ....... why would Susan wanna' leave her snazzy Bondi "lifestyle" and go live with him and his folks?  Bizarre.....

We also had (last night) Cheryl and the Fireman - (picnic on the beach) sooooo "staged" it was cringeworthy (who takes half their loungeroom to a picnic? lol) ...and when he went to kiss her - she pulled away and said "No I don't want to kiss you"! lol lol ... guy was in total shock/

Oh and the guy whose Dad runs a Veggie/Fruit stall at a market in S.A. -  paired with the blonde twin girl - no wonder his father is "over the moon" for his son - what hope would his "daggy/boring" son ever get to "pull a chick" that lovely in "normal" life?

Typical and true to life actually the show - the women with the "brains/compassion" and who look after themselves - the men - basically couldn't care less about how they look or what they say ......

Doubt very much whether any of them will "stay" together - but - you never know I guess?  

Oh and don't get me started on the "experts" - what a total lot of halfwits they are ..........sickening the way they "waffle" on ........ lol lol

If only you had met me in your youth 

you would have been swept away and still be looking at me with doe-eyed wonder

Raphael -  You are quite the smoothy, poor Foxy would be still wondering, "What did I do to deserve Don Juan? You can't help bad luck. Didn't you say you had been married a number of times?



Foxy ill never k ow what she missed

Raphael -  Why don't you try and butter her up with an invitation to your Nudist camp/cruise? I would love to hear her comments.

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