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"REALITY TV" - (+ TV in general and hideous ads.!)

Only 1 month into 2019 and here we go again - the amazing  number of Reality TV shows that are on most nights of the week .......... (some good - some bad) .....

We have:-  (for those who may be interested...)

MKR - (7)

been on for years - still rating very highly ....(Manu and "Paleo Pete") ...the judges .....

Married at First Sight - (9)

ratings were highest ever for a "reality show" in  2017/18 .(just beat "Ninja Warrior"!)... 

Back into the  "Celebrity Jungle" again for Chn. 10 - ugh ..(the stuff they eat and do is sickening!)

Ninja Warrior returning to Chn. 9 .....

Bachelor - Chn. 10 - returning later in year .....

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Hmmmm . noticing both reality dating shows "Take me Out" and "Blind Date" seem to have disappeared already?  .....  I was looking forward to seeing the Interior Design girl return with the "bogan" she picked (Blind Date)  -  to see how their dinner date transpired - lol .....

I have recorded over the last couple of weeks a program called  'CONSPIRACY'   its on 9 on a Sunday night quite late very interesting 






Yes - good show!  I have seen a couple of those - I was intrigued with the "Moon Landing" one!   That conspiracy has been around for years tho' ... 

I am also recording the SBS series of "Hitler" etc.  I still have to watch the one of how apparently the British Royal family "got into bed with Hitler" so to speak for their own financial gain during the war!  Now that should be interesting .......just got to find time to watch it ....

Oh yes Foxy the RF was right into Hitler -- and right into quite a few other doubtful characters Jimmy Saville for one

Oh that was the late Duke of Windsor and Mrs Simpson used to socialize with Mr H.    Did you ever watch the Crown Foxy?  There was a scene where the Queen's uncle, Duke of Windsor came to ask for a bigger income from the present Queen.  She was about to agree and her private secretary and her mother, the Late Queen Mother gave her some classified documents she had not seen.  It explained what the Duke had been doing  [apparently] he didn't get the raise in pay!  Went home empty handed to the Duchess.

PlanB ... still have to watch it (Hitler)  ....... and yes - I knew about their association with Jimmy Saville...but in the Louis Theroux Doco. (on Saville) I recall Prince Charles being aghast at Savilles "dark side" the majority -  everyone thought Saville was the "ants pants" because of his so called "Charity work"!  Vile creature!!

Celia - No never watched the Crown but did hear it was very good.

Also Andrew had

Prince Andrew Has Had A 15-Year Association With A Billionaire Sex Offender

 Tomas Hirst

Oh wow - just read your link PB - thanks for that!  Sure makes for some interesting reading haha .......

I still have some Hitler ones -- are they still going?  darn I must have missed some-- I have so many on the recorder --and I have 2 of them )   hard to get time to watch all

Wish we could get recorders that record also straight to a disc -- like they used to -- I do have one -- that can do that but still have to change machines.

Oh yes, the   "royals" are not so darn pure thats for sure!

My son has just given me the complete First Season of the CROWN. Looking very forward to seeing them, if I can just keep awake. It's a standing joke in my family, "There she goes, off again". I always say I'm just resting my eyes.


.... well looks like "Blind Date"  has been shifted to a later time-slot/night -  and is on tonight (Wed.) Chn. 10 at 8.40pm!

 Now I can see what happened on the "dinner date" with the Interior Design girl and the "bogan"!    lol lol ..... (can still "see" the horrified look on her face when screen rolled back....bad choice on her part ... but - she did like his answers!)

There was a fantastic documentary on SBS last night (13/11) at 10pm called “Smartphones: The Dark Side”. It was about addiction to phones and social media and how the ultimate goal of Facebook is to addict the whole world. The apps are designed along the lines of poker machines with sound, colour etc to give people dopamine lifts and keep them coming back to check what is going on but it was far more comprehensive than that. A lot of the bods who work in Silicon Valley refuse to let their children have any access to phones and tablets and keep their own phones inscripted in Black and white and relatively app free. Worth watching if you can catch up with it.

Glad to hear that show was good Robi,  I recorded it -- but have not got around to watching it as yet

Lots of shows finishing at this time of the year -- 4 Corners had the last one on Monday night --


.... finally finally!  Ali (Bachelorette) picked the guy that I was hoping she would!    :-)

 Be a difficult "reality" show to be part of (on both sides) ........ wonder why the producers dress them in those awful hideous blue suits for the Final episode?   Then put them in large "open spaces" (beaches/parks) the poor rejected ones - have to walk for ages with "nowhere to hide"  ...  

OK - so - I haven't "spoilt" the ending (for people who may have recorded it and not watched yet) ......... 


.... tonight - 27/11 .......... ABC 9.10pm. - "Gatwick - Last Chance Hotel" ...

Documents the final years of this iconic boarding house in St. Kilda (Vic.) and the 2 eccentric sisters that ran it up until they sold it in 2017 Channel 9 - who turned it into this years "Block" series.

The sisters turned up at the "Block" auction and purchased the final apartment ....amazing story!


  ....... for those who are up late or simply cannot sleep .... there is a "trashy" reality show on Chn. 7 at 11.50pm  (tonight - Thurs.)  .....called "Hooked on the Look" ...... lol

I came across this last week and thought it was possibly a "one off" but noooo - it's on again tonight!

The one I saw last week had to be was about "super-size" females (like 400 who wear lacy type bra tops and tiny tiny denim/lacy shorts out to do their shopping .....

..this "reality team" finds them  - approachs them and tries to get them to change their style of dress....from "slutty" to "cool" .... haha ........

Not sure if this is an ongoing theme of the show - but - thats what was on last week ........

Yuck !

Fat people never look cool - they need to stop stuffing themselves 

would have thought you liked women with a bit of meat on them LOTHARIO,    more to hug,   dont want a bag of bones,    might snap if you get to amorous, lol,  

wud get a bit heavy if whe were on top Cats

lol - if you'd seen some of  'em on last week's show you'd be lucky to get out alive!  

I initially thought it was in the U.S. but soon realised it was a U.K. show .... still trashy .....

HA HA,   just roll em over LOTHARIO,   more than one way of doing things,    hi FOXY,    what night is that show on,   i need something to give me a laugh,  

....tonight Cats - Thursday - at 11.50pm - Channel 7 .....soon!  Too hot here in Melb. to sleep so go watch it - haha .......  cya

THANKS foxy,   got it,  yes,  its been hot,   looks like another summer of  cold showers,    been terrible down here,  

   hi foxy,   i watched that show,what a pack of wankers,    how was that one with the 3 patches of red stuck on,    in appropiate places,  ?   and those twins,      wonder what they will look like in 20 years when everythinhg starts to drop,  ?   

I saw on Current Affair on 5th Dec all these deadbeats that are living on child support-- and having heaps of kids -- that run wild and are not being brought up at all along with their   "mothers"  that do nothing and even they had no teeth themselves -- so what are these kids being brought up to believe in -- they disgust me.   They were not living with their   "partners" because if they did they wouldn't get the single mothers allowance.

Yes!!    What a pack of "feral females" if ever I saw some!  Illiterate - uneducated - sloppy - homes filthy ...  kids shabby (poor things - sad for them)........

I was thinking - I hope Centrelink are watching this - trouble is PB - I betcha' they ARE living with their partners but just said that for ACA purposes.....what a bloody joke!!

The Govt./Centrelink - should put some kind of "cap" on how many kids they shelve out $$$'s for - say maybe 3 max.?  That would stop them breeding surely??   Appalling!


Yes, Foxy makes you want to have compulsory sterilization brought in -- even if for the good of the kids born to these deadbeats.

There is also plenty of really good birth control that can be used --AND IT IS NOT TABLETS AND SUCH  -- and it has been around for decades too -- these ferals are too lazy/stupid/ to use it

i did watch that show,   with the single mothers,        one said her partner cant live with her or his payments would drop,   she has 8 now,   so maybe its just as well he doesnt live there,   imagine how many she would have if they were together 24/7,       they are a disgrace to women,    they keep having them,  as when the youngest turns 8,   they lose that pension, and have to find work,    poor kids,    centerlink or some government body needs to step in,    payments should stop after they have 2,      one,  anyone can make one mistake,     BUT 8,?     as someone else there is plenty of contraception methods ,  beside the pill,  if they say they cannot take it,   all they have to do is speak to there doctor,   , or the councillor at the hospital,    every hospital has one,  

Cats - I saw that as well. Those poor children, totally out of control and she smiling toothless at the camera. She said she was 15 when she had the first child, and he, an utter bogan. He apparently has 3 other children to another woman. Why doesn't he get a vasectomy for starters? 

One of those ferals also said that she has asked her Dr for tube tying -- but they said she was too young -- surely that is not right -- when she has 8 or more -- I feel for those kids -- they have NO chance in life and they grow up with what they also have learned from these creeps.

What an amazing Doco.!   Finally caught up last night with my recording of "Gatwick - Last Chance Hotel" - the big old hotel/rooming house in Fitzroy St. St. Kilda (Vic)  -  for the terribly disadvantaged that are "forgotten" in today's society.

The sisters that had run it for over 40 years deserve some sort of humanity award!  Compassionate and caring for those who few other people would have the guts and tenacity to "deal with"!

Sad that they were "forced out" in the end by some "cop" who took over the St. Kilda police station - but - happy in a way that they can finally have some peace in their life and that they now own an apartment (in their refurbished building) from the reality show "The Block" ..... Chn. 9 should have just given them the apartment!!  Who on earth would want to do what they did for over 40 years?

Best of luck to the sisters but wonder where all the "sad/poor people" went who had lived there all their lives?  Said at the end they had all been "housed" elsewhere....but .........?

I actually had a few tears at the end - when the sisters wrote a "note" for every single room (prior to the room being "boarded up" by tradies - before demolition) -  and put it on the bed...and also the beautiful "scrawled" thankyou notes given to them by the people who they had looked after most of their lives!

 An extremely emotional - raw and touching Doco. - one of the best (if not the best) Aussie one ever!


.... finally caught up with the Doco. I recorded last week on SBS - "The Bitcoin Bandit" ....what a super genius he was - only to still be languishing in a Tokyo jail with an upcoming trial (depicted at the end of the Doco.)  to last for many years!  

An incredible and fascinating insight into how he started it and the world of "Bitcoin"!


"Louis Theroux's Weird Christmas's" ...........Louis returns to visit some of his most outrageous guests for Xmas!   haha ....... (might be worth recording for later.....)  I like Louis!!   :-)

ooops - meant to add - musta' been some good ones - it's rated MA .........

HAve recorded it Foxy -- will watch tonight  -- I like his shows -- mostly repeats these days -- he was out here some time ago hope he did some shows here


Yesssss - I hope he did some too ..... it's a pity his shows are so old and "repeats" ...

ok .. I just Googled his name .... since the "Jimmy Savile" doco. in 2016 ...apparently there is a list of names of Doco's.  - 7 more -  (that I found..) going right up until this year!  

I have not seen any of these from 2017 onwards......hopefully they will be screened here?

He has 3 children and currently resides in Los Angeles - California ....... quite a bit of interesting "blurb" about him when you Google   (if you interested)   ......    :-)

Thanks Foxy,  yes I am interested I will have a look,  thanks again

I started to watch that Louis Theroux show last night -- it was so darn childish --all about Xmas carols and such I ended up deleting it --

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