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Women in Australian Politics

Jolly good for her! Wish more people men and women would stand up and name names too!

a couple of people that are talking to each other: Liberal Party rocked by fresh bullying accusations

"He (Mr Ward) doesn’t just get even, he annihilates anyone who opposes him," Ms Sudmalis said.

Ms Sudmalis had earlier indicated she would name and shame alleged bullying that had led to her decision not to re-contest the seat of Gilmore at the next election.

Mr Ward has since denied the allegations.

He told 9NEWS he challenged Ms Sudmalis to make the same comments outside parliament without the protection of parliamentary privilege.

“If Ms Sudmalis believes the comments she’s made tonight, she should make them outside of Parliament and provide evidence,” he told 9NEWS.




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Scott Morrison’s pick to replace Malcolm Turnbull in the seat of Wentworth reveals a dark SECRET

Katherine O'Regan, a former Liberal Party staffer, is listed on the ALP's records as a member in the late 1990s, according to Fairfax Media, under 'Kathy O'Regan'.

The Prime Minister is set to suffer another blow with Liberal MP Ann Sudmalis set to announce she won't re-contest her seat at the next election.

© AAP The Prime Minister is set to suffer another blow with Liberal MP Ann Sudmalis set to announce she won't re-contest her seat at the next election. The Prime Minister is set to suffer another blow with Liberal MP Ann Sudmalis set to announce she won't re-contest her seat at the next election.

It was only four months ago, she stood shoulder-to-shoulder with Scott Morrison in her electorate as she battled to hang on in a pre-selection fight.

The now-Prime Minister backed her then, saying publicly "I think it would be a bad thing for the Government if Ann Sudmalis was replaced by any other candidate."

The south-coast electorate of Gilmore is marginal,MsSudmalis holding it by just 0.7 percent at the 2016 election.

Her decision to walk away from politics, would be another blow for the Prime Minister, 48 hours after Katherine O'Regan, his preferred choice to replace Malcolm Turnbull in Wentworth, was defeated by a man.

The government has also been hit with claims of a culture of bullying.

a couple of people that are talking to each other: It was only four months ago, she stood shoulder-to-shoulder with Scott Morrison in her electorate as she battled to hang on in a pre-selection fight.

© Provided by Nine Digital Pty Ltd It was only four months ago, she stood shoulder-to-shoulder with Scott Morrison in her electorate as she battled to hang on in a pre-selection fight.

And several female Liberal MPs have backed calls for change, to increase the number of women within the party.

Some have suggested targets, others, like JuliaBankshave publicly called for quotas.

The Prime Minister said yesterday he has always preferred the merit system, of the best people for the job, being selected.



So, are we expected to believe that the current mob of fools in the Liberal Party are the best they have to offer?  That says it all for me.




Who imagines that the Liberal Party has dibbs on fools?  Equality of outcome and quotas advantage the quick witted educated middle class opportunists and favouritism.  All you get are more of the same career politicians who are only serving their own interests.  Isn't it enough that so many opportunist mates of mates and especially the womyn mates of mates, are using the guvvy funded NGOs and Qangoes for their career leaps?

What the Parliament needs is diversity of opinion and that is impossible where the factions that control political parties consistently refuse to allow internal democracy within the parties.  No guess why when so many plum salaries, entitlements and benefits eg international travel are at stake.

The women and soon alphabetical and multicultural affirmative action beneficiaries come from the same mold as the present lot.

Not a fashion interview then?

WAtched Bishop on 60 mins -- she said hardly anything -- but at least she wasn't a bitch like normal

'It's like the pot calling the kettle black':   


Pauline Hanson slams Julie Bishop for complaining about parliament being 'toxic' and accuses her of 'sour grapes'

I don't like the idea of trying to pull the opposition number down, that is when the cat calling starts.

Why can't our parliament be constructive and not destructive, they are always looking for faults in eachother.

Fools abound not only in the Liberal party but are also prolific in the Labor party, not to mention the Greens and most of the Independents.

Australian politics is hitting a new lower than low.

When Scott Morrison, John Howard and others in the Liberal Party say that positions should be allocated on merit, yet few women are preselected or promoted to cabinet...are they in fact saying that women have no merit?


Your strawman, no one is saying that no women have merit.

Have you considered the distinct possilibity that the lack of internal democracy in the political parties, all of them, is deterring or even preventing suitable people from being nominated?  What about the effect of factions? 

Next, what about the probability that fewer women might want to devote their lives to politics?  Or are you saying that the whole nature of politics ought be changed to suit?  

Try arguing your points to all the women out here :). You won’t get far! What is “internal democracy”? And why is it that the Labor Party has an almost 50/50% representative of men and women?

The problem of women being welcomed into a political Party is a Lib problem. Admit it because it is obvious to most of us out here (especially women) keenly watching and waiting for change. Will the Libs ever give up their old fashioned patriarchal bullshit?

Robi - the intellect and integrity of the labor representatives is about 50% that of the lib members 

so which team wud you rather have , a pack of low intellect low integrity with 50% females or the alternative who are superior on both fronts 

If you gentlemen could cast your minds back to the 50s, 60s, 70s and even 80s. Most women would not enter politics, it has been the progression of the advancement of women in the community of late that we now accept women in parliament & in the Board Room on a larger scale. 

Prior to the 80s women stayed home to have a family, I think most guys expected that.  But the modern Miss started to think of her advancement in life and put the family on hold.     Many fathers didn't even believe in spending money on educating a women back in the 50s and 60s.    Lucky is the girl that had a father that would spend his hard earned cash on sending his daughters to university.  All this is taken for granted now.

The feminists like to allocate blame in their quest to disrespect men and in the process, indirectly trash family as well.  The feminist elite are educated middle class women who are notorious for their myth-making.

In 1971, 2% of the population had a Bachelors degree or higher.  In 2013 it was 18.8%, a ninefold increase.

In 2013, international students made up a quarter of the students at university and most become Australian citizens.

Since 1987 females have far exceeded the number of males at university. But the numbers were already high previously.

The difference between male and female students is in the teriary education courses they choose, with males choosing IT, engineering and building, but being well underrepresented in education, health, society and culture and creative arts.

Celia, I can agree with your take on this to some extent. In my lifetime of experience, women have been accepted in all jobs. I have only ever seen discrimination in regard to a woman's inability to lift weights etc., but that discrimination also applied to physically weak males. Why would anyone pay 2 people to do the job of one person?

In my opinion the inference that males are somehow responsible for women's lack of high representation in the workplace is driven by identity politics and not facts.  Australia lost a lot of men from wars between 1890 and the 1950's, and as a result, women had to work for the war effort, then were encouraged to have large families. Kind of hard to have a job if you're giving birth to and nursing 6 children. We were all victims of our circumstances. In addition, the 1960's introduction of female contraception played an important roll in influencing attitudes and behaviours of both sexes.  

Not only has the proportion of males plummeted in university courses but a large bite of the males receiving tertiary education are overseas students, many of whom will be getting citizenship.

So the education and employment prospects for those loathed) 'white' male Australian youth (hated by the 'Progressive' Left and feminists) are poor and getting worse by the year.  Add to that the importation of medical, IT, engineering professionals, again getting citizenship, and the picture is even worse for young 'white' men.  Social reengineering.

Quote LJ.. "The feminists like to allocate blame in their quest to disrespect men and in the process, indirectly trash family as well.  The feminist elite are educated middle class women who are notorious for their myth-making.

My grandmother was a close friend of Emily Pankhurst whom she met at school in Paris and if Mrs Pankhurst were alive today..I feel sure she would have boxed your ears!

Do you have any idea what  "elite feminist" means? Or are you just letting loose on your keyboard for no particular reason?

For your information..Emily Pankhurst's husband was her greatest supporter and it might interest you to know she did try to join the left leaning Independent Labour Party in England..but was refused entry beause of her gender.

As for the "myth making"...perhaps you could explain that?

I think I need a breath of fresh air after reading all that balderdash!!

My grandmother knew Emily Pankhurst and my grandad was the  Prince of  Darkness and they told me they knew a pretetious old fool who hung around Emily like a bad smell 

So funny olbaid ! Now, I hope you are sitting because this bit of information will probably make you quite dizzy. On my Grandfather's side..I am related to Winston Churchill. My Grandparents lived in Holland Park and the Churchills in Belgravia. Enjoyed their hospitality on numerous occasions with my I love to boast. 

I'm in a very nostalgic mood today...

And my family tree goes back to 1644 all were lawyers, barristers and Judges.

Each time I hear about people being sent to Van Diemen's Land I think, gee I bet a grt grt grt grandfather sent them there!  LOL

My ancestors are probably rolling in their graves now at the outcome of politics and the World Wars.

However, I do think that series of Dowton Abbey showed  how much life changed after WWI. The once affluent society came crumbling down, look at Russian history, serfs started to have an income compared to pre 1918.  The German Emperor Willhelm I,  fell flat on his face, the Habsburgs came a cropper too.  

Oh how the mightly have fallen!

With your background Sophie why did you come to Australia?

We came due to the weather and my father saw that I would have better health in West Australia.

I think 1947's winter finally made him realize he didn't want to enjoy freezing conditions any more.

 deceased husband was a Constitutional lawyer and he worked in several Commonwealth countries. We were invited to come to Perth after his time ended in New Zealand. It was supposed to be only for a couple of years..then I decided to buy a house right on the river and we loved it so much..we thought we'd extend our stay and the rest is history! When he died a few years ago..I married his best friend (all engineered by children on both sides) who is also a lawyer!



Referring to your post above, you exhibit the narrow focus that makes feminists so unappealing to the public and particualrly to women, who want breadth of vision, while maintaining attention to those practical matters that keep life and society going.  Why do you imagine that the impassioned demands from the Australian feminist elite for women voters to vote exclusively for their (the feminist elite's) chosen (and always left) women meet with failure?

What you and others are really demanding is that the single interest, the one trick pony, women you and other feminists prefer are given the leg up in blue ribbon seats.  -Where they can run the support down and havig done that, demand a top job in a QUANGO or taxpayer-supported NGO instead.

BTW, what better example of feminist double values than your reference to the drubbing I should receive because I differ with you and the personal attack are not.  Reverse the roles and you would be highly indignant on behalf of women.


Voters do not want political parties to be papering over the cracks and business as usual behind closed doors, with yes-men and yes-women nodding to Executive and the demands of factions.

Labor doesn't fool anyone where its lack of concern for ordinary members and lack of internal democracy are concerned.  Everyone knows that the factions rule and Shorten is their man.  But equally, when Gillard was in, the factions still ruled.  Rudd and Hayden has plenty to say about the bullying factions in Labor.

This faux concern for women is just an election ploy and fodder for tabloid journalism, while the ruthless factions of the Libs, Labs and the Greens do whatever they want, as per usual. 

Shorten was their man in 2007 but needed more experience and time to improve his presentation skills. He hasnt developed a new style though, still tugs on the heart strings of the so called underdogs and those who dont know they're underdogs will soon be convinced. This amoral emotive talk is effective with those who arent listening. As for the anti-white male attacks, it's been going on in the USA well before the 1980's by the Democrats who started the Klu Kux Klan, how's that for hypocricy?

A good wise politician sees the whole picture!          He/she needs to navigate buddy waters around here in this day and age. Be it a female Captain or a Male I don't know but they sure need to have a wise head on their shoulders and not follow the Media Over Lords of this planet, who worship the $.

The Media Over Lords have made enough money, we now need a wise person that can stand up to these powers behind the throne of a PM.

PS: Typing error muddy waters!  



Regarding “gender quotas” in politics..

How do you measure one person has more “merit” than the other?  The reality is.. there’s usually a field of candidates..all of these candidates could be quite deserving and usually there may be a mix of both men and women. Yet we see in the Liberal Party when it comes to’s usually the man who gets the apple..especially if the seat is a safe one. This is the battle that women have to face..there are women of equal or superior merit but the system is stacked against them. Why? Well that’s because of the “boys club” mentality.

I ask the question time and time again.. why would any smart, successful woman want to put herself through a system which is an unnecessary battlefield? It’s tough for a woman in politics and it shouldn’t be. There is enough pressure on women to manage all aspects of their life .. career, family.. children at the same time. Men in politics do not have the same pressures.  How I admire the New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardhern and her husband..what an example!

To a degree the Labor Party has achieved some success with quotas..however..I feel in their pursuit to show they are doing the “right thing” they have not chosen from the best of the crop. Gender quotas are not good when you only choose people based on their gender without taking their skill-set and experience into account. In many cases this is the situation in the ALP.

Having more women in politics is of vital importance in the society we live in today. Countries such as Norway, Iceland, Sweden and Rwanda have some of the highest levels of female representation. Because of Rwanda’s high female representation.. new laws protecting children from violence and allowing women to inherit land have been implemented.

A recent study by Plan International Australia found that the percentage of young women wanting to get into politics is ..quite literally, with many citing sexist treatment as a potential barrier.

That has to stop.





If you are conceding that the public would see no advantage in replacing a male career politician with a female (or alphabetical, or multicultural) career politician then many might agree with you.

It is difficult to understand how any improvement is possible where the members of the political parties are as disempowered now as they have always have been and factions rule.

Previous Labor leaders and some Liberal, have identified that as the problem ie., the lack of internal democracy in the political parties.

To add, what is needed is diversity of opinion, not diversity as conceived by the gender warriors.  

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardhern, is very lucky she has a husband that is supportive, not many men would.  But looking back there is 'The Iron Lady' that had a supportive husband and Mrs May too.

I take my hat off to the Sri Lankan ladies that have been sitting in their parliament since 1931.

Perhaps their men folk are more supportive and don't feel such a threat from a woman, because I do feel that is behind this issue of women lacking in Australian Parliament.

Quote LJ...  "If you are conceding that the public would see no advantage in replacing a male career politician with a female (or alphabetical, or multicultural) career politician then many might agree with you""

No..I am certainly not saying that! I believe you are misconstruing the content of my post. 

However.. I do agree with your comment about "internal democracy" is a must for the smooth running of any political party. It stands to reason if there is conflict between party members..decisions cannot be taken..fights abound and as we have seen partition of the party. I also think a political party without strong and ethical views and a fixed political stance is reduced to a group of power-hungry men who only want to look after themselves.










My plea for internal democracy in political parties is NOT aimed firstly or even tenthly at greasing the political wheels.  It is to give the members direct influence on decisions on policy and representatives.

It is through freeedom of speech and democracy that advances will be made.  That is how people with with a proven record and ideas can rise to the top.  

If that is your understanding..then you have no idea what  "internal democracy" means..

Perhaps olbaid knows and can explain it to may be a case of the blind leading the blind though..


A definition,

'Internal democracy in political parties, ie intra party democracy, refers to the level and methods of including party members in the decision making and deliberation within the party structure'

Ok, it is time for you to make your contribution. 

Anyone can copy a "defintion" from the internet..but do you know how it actually works? I think not...

Besides I asked you a question way back and received no I'll repeat it..

What do you mean by this ...

" The feminist elite are educated middle class women who are notorious for their myth-making."

sophie - have you taken your meds today old dear.

you dont look well Image result for finger pointing down emoji

Image result for old lady medicated gif

That must be Mrs Oldbat before she gave you the boot, hahahaha



If you are claiming to be unaware that the big knobs and tub-thumpers of feminism in Australia are educated, middle class and predominately white - academics, public servants and media personalities - then you are risking being seen as having any skerrick of credibility at all.  Practically all come from privileged backgrounds and are ensconced in positions that are safe and paid for by the taxpayer. 

There is no need for me to provide proof where the opposing position is ridiculous, or obviously being posed just to divert and frustrate.  -You appear to be saying that feminists are working class or representative of the community (who voted for them?), which is patently nonsense.  You might start with Greer - who it so happens enjoys ogling 'beautiful boys'!  You too?

'The entire world is laughing at us': Julie Bishop unleashes on Australian politics as she reveals she STILL gets calls from overseas asking why there is a new prime minister

Former Deputy Prime Minister Julie Bishop has revealed that she still gets calls from overseas asking why she is no longer the foreign minister and what happened to the prime minister

Awww just go away Julie

Isnt there a fashion show you could attend in gay Paree

The left were putting the boot into Julie Bishop for years because she refused to genuflect to the very narrow perspective of the big-hitting Oz feminists and swear solidarity.  Issues that came up with tedious regularity in her interviews.  Imagine the pressure from the feminists to comply if she had won the top gig!1

Julie Bishop is not a modern day feminist..nor am I...

just old fashioned air-heads 

Image result for old lady medicated gif

Looks a lot like Brocky, LOL

Michelle Gurthrie sacked from ABC - must have been bullied out of office because she's a woman 

Love to know the whole story, apparently she is going to sue them.

Wonder if Murdoch is behind this.

I was being facetious.

She was trying to make the ABC more accountable, objective and not change the left leaning socialist culture.

So Bill and his mates shot her down




I tried to post on your thread as per below..but can't..your name has also been removed from all of your posts. Why?




That's easy Sophie, LJ is none other than oldbat in another of his guises, hahaha

Geez, where does he find the time?

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