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We hear so much in the news about medical research into many aspects of our health, I thought I would start a specific Thread for us to use, should anyone hear of new research on the varied health issues we have.

Each day,  we hear of new ideas and new findings, I don't know about you, but I read them and then they fade away.   If we use this Tread to share with others we can then come back to it and refresh our minds and share with our friends and families, instead of the news being lost.


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In a world first, Australian researchers from Sydney's Garvan Institute of Medical Research have replicated Parkinson's disease in a zebrafish — and in doing so found drugs that restored movement in the laboratory animal.

Ann I am sorry to hear about your Husband being in hospital -- do hope nothing really bad?


Now for your wound -- is it on the shin -- if not where is it -- what are you dressing it with -- is it infected?

No not infected seems to be healing....the blood has dried and gone dark.

so a scab is forming.

Collected husband at lunch time, they are not sure what was the cause of the collapse, but the doctor rather thinks it was dehydration.  He should have had his breakfast first before going out into the garden, but you cannot tell him, although I have been!!

Thanks Plan B.  He did give me a fright yesterday the scales say I lost 1 kgs!

Just thought I would bring to everyone's attention  [that is if they are interested]  the liquid silver that was in use pre WWII for infections.

My step daughter is using it now and I think I will ask my GP if I can for a boost to my immune system as it works on destroying infections by [I think] attaching to an enzyme that harbours germs.

This is all due to the over use of anti biotics and the spread of germs in hospitals.

Anyway I will share this with you.

I have a bottle of this in the cupboard and I used to take a small amount every day, it is also good for putting on a wound,  in fact some hospital dressings are impregnated with it

Hi Plan B.

Putting on wounds, now thats good to hear....I use neat Dettol.

Hubby gave me a wack last week with a shopping back and there was a sharp packet inside and now I have an open wound I am trying to heal.  he did do it on purpose but my skin on my legs is very delicate.      Which is a change from being able to do anything and not worry.     Gosh arriving at old, not getting old, but arriving is a real pain. 

Now to hang the sheets out.... and play ball with Sasha...Husband is in hospital so it is a busy time. it is all go, go, go....

Ann I just thought I had better tell you not to go taking too much of this Silver as it will have an effect on your skin -- it can turn you blue-grey--

Yes I realize that Plan B.   Have not seen the GP yet, so will chat to him about it first.

But thank you.

Thanks Ann.

I have previously praised the B group and in particular B3 with nicotinimide. Here is the latest news received today. Big Pharma is moving on it as an anti aging supplement.

"B vitamins can mitigate the impact of fine particle pollution on cardiovascular disease, according to new research conducted at Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health. Healthy non-smokers who took vitamin B supplements nearly reversed any negative effects on their cardiovascular and immune systems, weakening the effects of air pollution on heart rate by 150 percent, total white blood count by 139 percent, and lymphocyte count by 106 percent.

This is the first clinical trial to evaluate whether B vitamin supplements change the biologic and physiologic responses to ambient air pollution exposure. The study initiates a course of research for developing preventive pharmacological interventions using B vitamins to contain the health effects of air pollution. The findings are published online in the Nature Publishing Group journal, Scientific Reports.

Ambient fine particulate pollution contributes to 3.7 million premature deaths annually worldwide, predominantly through acute effects on the cardiovascular system. Particulate matter pollution is the most frequent trigger for myocardial infarction at the population level."

Like to read more?


Very very interesting Frank, gosh I hope the Chinese are taking B supplements!

Thank you so much.

Yes I take multi b.  B6 helps digest food but needs to be taken in small doses.

Silica compound is also good for the old body.  I broke a left ankle and twice injured by left knee, so started taking Silica compound 20 years ago when the ankle was broken.

Later I found out not only does it help the ligaments and bones but helps with gravity as we age!  LOL

Golly, helps with gravity as well? LOL

The Chinese cant seem to get enough vitamins, they are craving for them.

It was only about 35 years ago that around 30% of the entire Chinese population had goiter. Apparently cured by adding iodine to some foods and becoming mandatory in salt.

I will look into silica, especially if it helps with gravity. My method so far is to stand on my head for 4 minutes, 3 times per week. he he he he.

Thanks Ann, you're very helpful :)


Tee heee  he     ...Frank yup!

What I mean is the collagen  needs the mineral, thus helping us to retain a firm skin as we age.

Ligaments like it....

It also helps with our old gums!

I was thinking of the polution in China and taking Vit B...                           Image result for cartoon of man standing on his head

LOL!! yep that's me Ann. However, I'm not as well balanced as your yoga librarian, so I use a wall for stability. I did the silica deficiency test. Apparently I dont need any extra than my current daily dose. 

I understood perfectly what you were saying regarding collagen. The firmness is quite often only a matter of hydration. It's best to hydrate from the inside with the best quality water. Hydrate, cleanse, exercise and diet. That's doing it for me :)

Ann, you are absolutely right! The pollution in China, well at least in some cities, is a real problem. Some cities ban push bikes and some only accept odd numbered or even numbered plates on alternative days. Walking through an industrial section early one morning, I was looking for some breakfast, saw a footpath vendor cooking quail eggs on a skewer. I was tempted but I couldnt breathe for the smoke.

How long have you been on the silica Ann? And may I ask? What is your daily dose?

your body must be well preserved with all that silica and collagen

Hi Frank.

I only used the compound about twice a month.  But I started many years ago.

It certainly did help the injured knee, the first time I hurt it was lifting heaving chop strand. these were big rolls of around 18kgs.  I must have twisted my knee and tore the ligament and damaged the cartlidge, the GP banaged me up and said I needed to stay like that in a boomarang shape for three weeks! Which I did as back then in the stone age a knee operation was something to be dreaded.  I had to have been about 31.

Image result for fiberglass chopped strand

Second time I slipped on a tiled surface and my knee came up like a rock melon!  LOL.   But I don't take it weekly that is for sure.  It must have helped my gums too  [touch wood] as I am called starve the dentist!

Just one Blackmore tablet.  Which I cannot remember what weight as they stopped making them about 5 years ago and I see they are back manufacturing them again.

I've been taking their hair and nails tablets about once a fortnight since they compound was not made.    Not a heavy dose but it made a difference.  I only found out this morning that Blackmores have started producing it again.  Must go and get some as I don't like the silca when it has other things in it. 

I guess the silica must also be good for the old bones too, I take calcium tablets plus 2000mg of Vit D daily.    By order of the GP.

Raphael I have not taken Collagen....only in facial creams, I don't digest that!

Ann, sounds like you have everything under control. I have been taking multivitamins forever. I see you have been lifting 18kg when you were younger. Having been a professional sportsman I understand the value of resistance training. Providing you understand the physiology and function of the muscle groups even light weights moving and resisting in the correct way will be of enormous benefit. Particularly as we age.  

Raphael, I wouldnt quite use the term preserved, more like pickled as I enjoy a glass or two of red on special occasions. Gosh, why are there so many LOL!!

Nar!   I ain't pickled Frank.........I cannot take anything fermented, vinegar, wine or cheese or anything that contains  those in sauces. 

Brings on the Hives.

Which are life threatening if not kept under control.  Hives are also an issue with IBS.

That have put me in hospital before now.

Frank have been saying that about hydration since I ended up in hospital some years ago after a terrible bout of I collect hubby and the doctor says he was dehydrated!

Image result for stressed out cartoon


Frank what I did not appreciate  [till I became ancient]  is how easily we lose our balance!

Was speaking with surgeon two years or more ago and he told me to get to a physio therapist to get Core Muscle exercises.    

I think if more people in their 50s did this a lot of their health problems that arise after 60 would not happen.

As I said to him later I can now jump tall buildings in one bound!  LOL

Having broken one ankle and damaged the left knee, I like to stand like a flamingo and get the balance each is not as easy as it sounds.

Image result for standing on one leg cartoon Image result for standing on one leg cartoon Image result for standing on one leg cartoon

LOL, you must be in the pink then Ann. :)

Thinking about balance. Have you thought about your ears?

As you are aware, we have a kind of spirit level in our ears which can, from time to time get a little conjested. When blocked the message the brain gets can be wrong, leaving us with a false impression of which way is up. This can be cleared with some simple exercises or therapy as the professionals like to call it.

Try this little exercise.

Sit at the foot of your bed so that when you lean and lay to the side your head is not supported but hanging over the edge. Remain in this position while you count to 60. Then sit upright. Then do the same with the other ear.

Repeat this exercise a few times each day until you regain your balance. It may take up to 3 weeks to improve.

 Caution. If when you sit upright during these exercises you experience excessive diziness. Stop the process and check with your GP.

So much out there on what we should eat and do etc to remain healthy...but a study carried out recently suggests eating strawberries may help prevent breast cancer..

My Grandmother has always been keen on us eating berries and each day we'd have some sort of berry at the table...never in a pie...did she know something way back then!

Husband makes a mean fresh fruit salad, we both love to have with cereals at breakfast or lunch as a snack.

Blue Berries are very good for us too Thea.

That fruit salad sounds yummy Ann..I love blue berries on their own..

I don't take much in the way of synthetic "vitamins"..I prefer to just rely on good food and a little bit of what I fancy!!


Thea I have to take Vit D3, it turns out in the country of lots of sunshine a lot of the population are not absorbing vit d.  Not sure why.    My bone scan was fine at 50, 60 doctor was amazed then three years ago he did not like the scan in front of him and I was sent to a specialist.

I am holding my own, with [Cabot Calcium Complete] D3. & Silica


My issue is my Thyroid problem, as Thyroxine which I need to take daily wears away at the bones.

Word of warning if taking Calcium, it does block other items if you try and digest together.  One needs to take the Calcium at least 3 hours after or prior to the other items taken. This was the warning from my GP.




The difference between minerals and vitamins

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An elderly lady I visit has just had her 90th birthday.  The strange thing is she doesn't take anything - no blood pressure medication, no statins, nothing.  She drives every day to shop and long distances to visit relatives regularly.  She eats small amounts of good food, lots of fresh fruit and vegies - and that's it.  I think it could be in the genes but not all of her siblings have been so lucky.

Hi Toot,

I think it is the luck of the draw.

My mothers mother died at 46,  my  mother died at a few days off her 91st birthday.

My other gran lived to 61 died from a hemorrhage having a tooth pulled out!  made me scared of the dentist for years.

Mum hardly drank at all, loved fresh fruit....smoked for two years when she came to Australia from the UK, she said to keep the flies away!  LOL

Then gave it up.

It is important to respect ones body and not fill it up with greasy rubbish .

Can you have too many antioxidants?

Interesting article from the ABC.

Thought I would bring this article from this mornings Daily Mail to your attention. It does show the importance of the Vit Bs. Magnesium,And vit D.   

Many suffer from bad breath, cracked lips and agonising headaches. But they could all be a sign of something much more sinister. 

These are just three of the common signs of vitamin or mineral deficiencies, experts have warned on the back of a new poll of 2,000 adults.

Other issues which could point to an insufficient diet include thinning hair, a lower libido, white spots on your nails, dandruff, stress and even dry skin.

The findings, commissioned by Healthspan, showed six in ten adults are clueless about signs that could show they are suffering from a deficiency.

But according to Rob Hobson, a London-based nutritionist, adding more spring greens, red meat and nuts to your diet could help combat any distressing symptoms. 

Here, MailOnline Health reveals the common signs of any potential deficiencies, and the foods you could eat to help you overcome them.  

Read more:
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   A range of common symptoms many adults suffer from could be explained by poor diets and a lack of minerals and vitamins. Here, MailOnline Health reveals how to combat bad breath, headaches and even stress

A range of common symptoms many adults suffer from could be explained by poor diets and a lack of minerals and vitamins. Here, MailOnline Health reveals how to combat bad breath, headaches and even stress

Read more:
Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

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