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Total "Lockdown" - How will you pass the time?

Long term and well respected member "Twyla" ....has suggested/requested this Topic -  which is a great idea!

What will you do?

Do people have any special Hobbies?  Reading? Music? Movies? Gardening? etc. etc.

Cleaning out "stuff" that has been put off for years? Tidying drawers/cupboards/garages/spare rooms (if you have any?)

Whatever you do - stay safe and best wishes to all ....

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I will be gardening when it is not raining

... weeds never stop growing.

When it is raining I will be painting my home

.... paint in readiness.

Thank you so much for launching this site, Foxy.



Well I am lucky because I am used to staying home a lot, because I cannot afford to got out so I know how to keep busy. I have heaps of gardening too Suze, lots of grass growing between the plants, always a hassle and hard work. 

Also going to get the veggie patch ready for winter crop.

Studying, always studying. There are heaps of online courses you can do, some for free too.

Reading, always reading. I have my own books to go through because library is closed.

Watching the odd DVD if nothing good on TV, but I have quite a bit recorded from TV so won't run out for awhile.

Also I do surveys online to earn points towards gift cards and a few forums where you can win a gift card occasionally.

Selling stuff I do not need on ebay, sold a few books lately I guess because libraries are closed. But anything I put on Gumtree is not even getting a look in, I guess people do not want to pick up anything.

Making healthy food to eat and exercise always part of my day, I alternate with bike riding and a walk on the beach, plus a little yoga and stretching.

I have heaps of boxes of stuff to go through too which I never seem to find time for, so won't be running out of things to do to keep busy.


This free app will alow you, your friends and family share screenshots on social media of themselves socialising via a video chat app, with groups laughing and sipping glasses of wine from behind their phones.


Houseparty allows up to eight people in any one group conversation

Saw it on the Current Affair last night

... reviews are 5tar

I had a think about it overnight and apart from having a little under an acre of land to take care of, there must be at least half a dozen unfinished projects in my shed that could be seen to.

I started a brew of stout yesterday and have the makings of an Australian Pale Ale waitingvto go.  Had a look through my seed collection yesterday but I am dissapointed at the amount of suitable seeds for this time of year I have.  I may have to start building that Hot House I have always wanted, it is good that my 45, 000 litres of tanks are all topped up.

Musicveg, maybe you can advise me on some winter crops that might do well in South West Queensland, we do get the odd snap frost.

No, can't see myself getting bored, I am sure my wife can find a few things for me to do, I saw a definate gleam in her eye when she heard that my club had closed for the remainder of the emergency.

Gardenate is the best, you can subscribe to the correct zone for reminders on what to plant each month, happy gardening, wish I had the space you have!

lol .....  now that's funny ex PS - your last paragraph .......probably true too!   :)

I stay home a lot. reading   little bit of gardening  and trvia quizzes through life choices  when I have access to the computer.  My daughter will be working from home and will need the computer if and when we are in full lockdown. My daughter can do some of the essental grocery items asI am in a high risk  group of people.  Ceased going out. due to the virus.In South Australi  people are connecting with creativity such as buying instruments to learn or buying art supplies

I stay home a lot. reading   little bit of gardening  and trvia quizzes through life choices  when I have access to the computer.  My daughter will be working from home and will need the computer if and when we are in full lockdown. My daughter can do some of the essental grocery items asI am in a high risk  group of people.  Ceased going out. due to the virus.In South Australi  people are connecting with creativity such as buying instruments to learn or buying art supplies

I stay home most of the time --now that I am unable to get about much -- used to love my garden and attending to it and painting my house and camping/hiking/swimming/ love nature hate crowds --- always something to do -- I have never been bored in my life -- there is always something to learn, and much to do if you are able --

There are thousands of FREE online university courses (Massive Open Online Courses). To get a certificate of completion, one pays a small fee.  These courses cover all disciplines.

The Uni of Tasmania has a course 'preventing dementia' wicking.

Open Culture also has free courses online.  Some are MOOCs, some are not. online courses

Also there are interesting videos one can access. standup to the sistine chapel: the best online culture for self-isolation.

the front room seats:the best theatre to dance to watch online.

So many interesting free programs/videos online, from languages to learning a musical instrument. 

I intend to learn how to make a Bonsai Tree.


Thanks, Twyla, I’ll try some of those, my brain will probably appreciate the workouts.


1. Get my house in to order, go through everything and throw out all unnecessary items. Super organise things. Lots of paper shredding going on at the moment ha ha. All of this is especially important if I'm going to die.

2. Read years worth of journals and decide whether to keep or destroy them.

3. Have lots of social interaction with family and friends by phone, email, face time and social apps but NOT Facebook which I hate and refuse to belong to. Was going to join What's App yesterday but read the reams of privacy policy stuff and decided against it. 

4. Blast the music and dance for at least an hour every day. Walk on the beach or up and down the street occasionally. Walk up and down the stairs at least 20 times in non stop sessions every day. Run on a running board. Factor exercise into every day.

5. Watch my 50 million DVD's, telly, Netflix and other apps. 

6. Play games with my hubby, like scrabble etc.

7. Read. Already do heaps of that on the net but will catch up with some unread books and re-read others.

8. Talk to you guys, ha ha, you all take up a lot of my time :)

9. Sit in the sun and drink in being alive, surrounded by nature and birds and enjoy how nice it is to have times of doing nothing at all.

10. Guess I'll have to factor in housework :(

All that will do for starters.




Your life sounds wonderful!!

Wow you are so active, love that you put housework at number 10 lol.

:) Ny19 ... any chance of you doing a No 10 at my place LOL. 

The rest I can handle.

Ha ha RnR - no chance!

Twyla, my life is full of the normal ups and downs - nothing special, although beautiful family, good friends and lovely neighbours bring me much joy.

Musicveg, it's not so busy. I am really good at doing number 9 :). Some of these things, like climbing up and down the stairs 20 times every day are just thoughts at the moment and yet to be put into action.

Ny19 well thinking about exercise you can apparently trick your body into being fit. I think about it a lot too, but do make sure I do the minimum 30 mintues a day (walk or bike ride) not including gardening or housework or anything else that moves my body.

I love enjoying nature too, they are not worried about the virus still going about their business and probably enjoying less traffic in the air and on the ground.

A #10 at your place RnR?  hmmmmm   :)

Be careful what you wish for - you might get a #2  ("real world")  lololololol ....forgive me - couldn't resist that .................  :)))))


Yep, would be happy to read your diaries for you RnR. They are probably more interesting than mine!


I play Bridge and Scrabble online, also Solitaire.  And Chess (badly).

I also purchased a stack of jigsaw puzzles.

Lots and lots  of reading matter. 

As our State Art Gallery has closed, their book club has gone online, which is great.

Watching TV, I knit Penguin jumpers, Joey pouches and Trauma teddies.

Does anyone else do cross-stitch tapestries?





Good time for me to return to writing my book!

Weed the garden, it appears the weeds have grown a lot since I last saw them.

Lucky I put in self seeding plants for the garden they are multiplying well.

I hate knitting so I have no needles or wool in the house, May play scrabble.

Listen to some music!!  Not the stuff they play in the shopping centres though.

Smell the roses!   I have just dead headed about sixty flowers!  they went crazy the last month such a lot of blooms at least the bees were happy!   Have a lot of new buds coming out too.

Watching the string of beans grow! LOL

PS:  watch netflix and the Think Tank, but once again their are repeats!


Thank heaven for Lindle, I have access to  hundreds of thousands of books at the click of a finger.  Still keep hard copies of my favourites though, you can't replace the satisfaction of actually turning pages and nestling a book in your lap.

Unfortunately I’m totally useless at sewing, my talent stops at sewing on a button.  


Revealed: Sydney will have to forcibly quarantine 5,000 people EVERY DAY in hotels as returning travellers flood the Habour City amid worldwide coronavirus lockdown 

Sydney will have to forcibly quarantine 5,000 people a day for the 'foreseeable future', Gladys Berejiklian has revealed.

Well I am wondering what will happen to our hotel industry with all these folks that could have the virus being housed in Sydney's hotels.

What will this do for the tourist industry, how will they kill the virus out of their air conditioning systems?  What will they do to when in a hotel room for 14 days which I think should be 21 days at least.

What a mess!


Who will be paying for their hotel stay?

The taxpayers are paying for their very expensive stay, and I am quite angry about that as they chose to go on these darn trips when they knew it was a problem and now they are winging.

Yes, it does make you wonder how the hell they will ever fully sterilize these hotels -- see below



Those who left Australia after the warning/ban need to pay back the money, those who were caught overseas from leaving Australia before the crisis started should be helped. 

If they can afford to travel during a crisis  they can afford to pay for their own accomodation.

Tha.nks for the information  Incognito, will definatley be following it up. 

Be in no doubt Foxy, that gleam in my wifes' eye is very real and is being acted upon.

i am never lost for things to do,   have a stack of books,   that i wanted to read when bought,   but have been put aside,    can  catch up on those,    also so many dvds that  havent watched,    went through a jigsaw phase some time ago,   and everyone was buying them for me,     needless to say,   the novelty wore off,  but they are there now,  waiting to be done,    would love to be a gardener,   but most things i plant  curl up and die,   only thing that was a success ,  is a boganvilla i planted about 4 years ago,   it has got so big it stretches over the fence,   across the  footpath,  and has joined a tree on the nature strip,    it goes the other way,   and has grown across the cloths line,   and is almost in my bedroom,    it needs to be pruned,  [but i dont know how]    but it looks so glorious  i hate to touch it,    it is bright orange,    this will be a good time to clear my horde of clothes and send to the salvos,       always something to do,  clean the kitchen cupboards,   go through all the kitchen drawers and throw out all the junkie gadgets i have bought,   but never used,   if nothing else,  lie back and enjoy the serenity,    listen to the birds,      and just hope this is over sooner,  rather than later,     KEEP WELL FOLKS,     

Lots of free advice about gardening on the internet, the boganvilla sounds amazing. Scomo was saying his wife went out and bought jigsaws for their kids, so might be a new trend happening now he said it on TV.

HI incognito,    i do listen to the gardening shows on tv,   but  nothing i plant does much,   i want to plant sunflowers along my outside fence,   but cant find seeds or seedlings for them,   probably the wrong time to plant,    yes,  i heard scomo say about the jigsaws,   i have about 8 here,   never out of the box,    i didnt take them out as i thought the cat,  &dog would get them, but now i have neither,   i can spread them over the floor with out a worry,

Everthing you need to know about sunflowers, how and when to grow and where to get seeds.

Down load the government App ... so that you can stay updated with the current situation about COVID 19

That will occupy some of your time

Australians will now be able to access up-to-date official information through a new federal government app.

The free app, along with a new government WhatsApp feature, will allow for people to get the latest information on the number of cases in Australia, along with news on restrictions and travel bans.

The apps are available for free through the App Store for Apple devices and Google Play for Android devices.

To activate the Whatsapp channel, users have been told to visit to launch the new feature.

No thanks no Government apps for me, would never trust them and don't want them tracking my every move, another sneaky move and excuse by the Government to bring in more surveillance of the people, just my opinion, think what you like. I also do not trust apple or google or facebook for that matter.

Where were you hiding all day Incognito ?

I looked for you everywhere :)

Sorry Suze been busy off the internet, trying to catch up now.

SUZE,   im afraid im like incognito,   i dont want to know,     my son and daughter in law came over on saturday,   went to coles and did a shop for me,     coming next week also,    i have been trying to put an order through safeway,   but wont let me out the checkout,,   ill have to ring in the morning,         i am not leaving the house,  so looking at the front page of the paper tells me all i need to know,    it is to depresing,    

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