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Total "Lockdown" - How will you pass the time?

Long term and well respected member "Twyla" ....has suggested/requested this Topic -  which is a great idea!

What will you do?

Do people have any special Hobbies?  Reading? Music? Movies? Gardening? etc. etc.

Cleaning out "stuff" that has been put off for years? Tidying drawers/cupboards/garages/spare rooms (if you have any?)

Whatever you do - stay safe and best wishes to all ....


Some videos to watch explaining why Italy is so bad, and how the numbers are not correct.


I have watched the first three parts, and now I am convinced this virus was engineered. There was one story of an 80 year old that died in North Carolina and it was stated she died from coronavirus but her family said she died from alzheimers that she had for 12 years and a resperitory issue and not even in the facility that they said she died!




I cannot understand why WHO took so long to declare it pandemic ?

Were they being paid by China ?

The members can also pass time by sharing their conspiracies

I just read this

"You know what the bad news is? We're going to have to do a lot of this social distancing for another 18 months to two years,' Professor Collignon, from the Australian National University, told

'This virus is not going to go anywhere soon. We'll have a reprieve next spring because there's less transmission of viruses in summer.' 

He added the virus would continue to have an effect in Australia until a cure is found."

I am sick and tired of it already  ... I do hope they find a cure soon.

I am sick and tired of it already  ... I do hope they find a cure soon.

So am I Suze along with most of the population I imagine.

Just hope they can fast-track an effective vaccine.

I guess that is what the people in Europe said during WWII having bombs thrown at them for 6 years!

An anti-viral will be available soon but waiting for a vaccine is not feasible, because being lockdown for over a year is going to kill more people and kill our economy totally.

I noticed that the lockdown laws are only until April 16, does this mean they will extend or end or re-evaluate them?

Hope so - April 16th. eh?  I keep remembering what my friend's Dr. said when I had to speak to him on the phone on her behalf a couple of weeks ago ......

...."this will be all over by the end of May" .......his words still ring (a ding ding) in my ears!  Hope it is "music to my ears" and he's correct?  


Is this in Australia ?

If so which state are you refering to ?

Suze this is what I read form the Stay at Home Directions Act:

"For the purpose of these directions the stay at home period is the period beginning at midnight on 30th March 2020 and ending at midnight on 13th April 202" 

Sorry was a few days off the date. Which I suspect that it will be either extended or some restrictions may be lifted. I am ingnoring the six month thing because the Government is only saying some restrictions will still be in place for longer, but who knows, they are making it up as they go. I am keeping my fingers crossed but don't know if I can keep them crossed for six months lol.

Foxy I hope your friends doctor is right!!

... me too!   

 Media Mayhem has a lot to answer for.

We could be all wearing masks and have our lives to back to fairly normal, in this article is talks about the effectiveness of masks, and how to make them:

Great link Incognito

Includes a sewing tutorial to make a home made mask

Doc Mercola's opinions make sense to me


I am glad someone is reading  my posts, thanks Suze for the feedback, it does make a lot of sense instead of the dribble we keep getting on mainstream.

Several major beaches on Queensland's Gold Coast will be off limits for non-locals from Tuesday at midnight due to coronavirus concerns.

Several GC beaches were pictured with "heaps of people' over the weekend.

Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate said while locals were doing the right thing, there had been some visitors at beaches not following social-distancing rules. "Unfortunately, over the weekend, out-of-towners are descending on the Gold Coast in mass numbers and I fear that this number will increase over the Easter weekend," he said. "I didn't want to do this but over the weekend it showed me that especially people visiting from Brisbane are not listening to us."

"Therefore, as of midnight on Tuesday, The Spit, Surfers Paradise and Coolangatta beaches will be closed." Councillor Tate said the beaches would remain open for Gold Coast residents so that they can continue to walk and exercise.

.... another "clear as mud" ruling .... lol

Even the scientists are disagreeing about this!  


Celia which scientists?, I am reading a lot too that it is not going to make much difference, those who are vunerable should stay home and/or wear masks in my opinion.

Don't have a clue Incognito it was yesterday, I didn't copy and paste it as people are getting fed up with me copying from the Daily Mail!  So I thought why bother anymore.  But it was definately yesterday. My poor little mouse is worn out!   He doesn't want to work anymore!

Celia it is not that I do not like posts from the Daily Mail it is because my adblocker won't let me read it, sorry to hear your mouse is tired, does he need a new battery?

Yes it did Incognito!  I think I do too.

Image may contain: text

Thanks Suze ... won't it be great.

Of course it will get back to normal eventually but with Scomo shutting down parliament until August I fear a lot of back door dealings are going on without normal debatting in parliament may see some changes we did not want to stay.


... people will be putting the thousands of dunny rolls they stockpiled thru' their shredders and making confetti/ticker tape to celebrate!    lololol

I too was gobsmacked to hear Parliament is shutting down in the midst of this 

P a n d e m i c   this   C r i s i s 

ScoMo making a bigggg mistake just when he is getting back to "adoration" level with the public  ...can't be serious surely?


They can't shut down Parliament for four months, can they. Who will be running the country????

Well they will just do things behind closed doors, opposition and greens are trying to fight this decision. Don't know why Scomo's approval rating has gone up, if he had acted earlier we would not be in this mess, maybe because of the stimulus package, money talks.

Lets get parliament back in action, please sign petiton to bring back democracy:

(sorry about the long link, not sure why it is so long)

Parliament must resume - democracy requires scrutiny   The Centre for Public Integrity started this petition to Prime Minister Scott Morrison

The Australian Government has suspended Parliament until August. This is an undemocratic and unprecedented response to the COVID-19 outbreak, as Parliamentary democracies around the world are continuing to meet.

Parliament must resume as soon as possible to give proper scrutiny to government decision making. The COVID-19 crisis calls for greater spending of public money and increased government intervention. MPs are elected to represent the people in these important decisions. Parliamentary democracy is needed now more than ever.

Sign the petition to join our call for Parliament to resume.

Thanks for posting the petition Celia, I think this is extremely important that they resume, there is no excuse, they can still practice social distancing. We need to fight for our democracy!

Can anyone tell me why I am not getting email notifications of new posts anymore? I did not unsubscribe either.

No idea ... the only people who can answer that are YLC admin. Why not ask them?

Perhaps their mouse is worn out too!



Incog.   I have never bothered with that? You only have to go back a page really on here without missing anything much?  

Most peeps seem to keep pretty much up to date with their "news/postings"...well I think so    :)



I never have them I never tick the box.

Well I was getting duplicated copies a lot and even from ones that were not even there so something has gone wrong, but yes my email box is less cluttered now so will just come back to posts when, thanks. 

Celia my mouse is good got a logitech no batteries.

All of a sudden I am now getting email notifications, the gremlins must be in lockdown now.

  One way to keep in touch with family and friends is to use either zoom or skype.  My grandson uses zoom for his school work.

It's not the same as personal contact, but at least it allows face to face conversations.

Yes Twyla ... some great platforms out there.

And of course, old-fashioned phone calls. My son rings each evening and I treasure the sound of his voice these days.

My friend is a school teacher and is doing zoom with the children. Some of the teachers were complaining because the children were still in their pyjamas with other family members jumping on the couches. She said one child was on the computer and the teacher could see in the background the Father, in another room getting undressed unaware he could be seen. All the parents have been sent emails to make sure the children do not show friends around the house during classes. 

Geez Dad should have had more sense, a lot of privacy will be lost if people are not careful.

Boris Johnson is in intensive care but not being ventilated. It is said that he has the very best care from the very best doctors so he is expected to make a good recovery. 

Yeah! I noticed how unwell he looked when he first tested positive for COVID 19

Apparently his pregnant fiance is doing OK.

Hey Ny19 

What about putting up an avatar ?  then we could see you among all the spammers

Once bitten, twice shy Suze. There will be no more personal avatar.

Why a personal one ???

Minimouse or Donald duck ?? ... will do ...first thing that comes to your mind 

even scenery or sun or a flower

Clip Art Sunflower M Smiley Cartoon, PNG, 500x750px, Sunflower M ...

By "personal" I meant anything other than the grey shadow figure. That includes 'Donald duck', 'mini mouse' or whatever. 

Are we really in total lockdown? Is there more to come? Or will we see lifting of some restrictions soon? Everytime on the TV I hear these questons from the TV presenters and each person who is supposed to answer does not answer the question!


You are right Incognito

.... there are too many eggspurts that know very little or out of the current rules

.... they do not even qualify which state they are refering to.

.... they just want to be on TV

My daughter visited yesterday to deliver some food and seeds for my hubby's garden. We kept our distance the whole time but so beautiful to spend time with her in such a 'real' way, ie. not via a medium. The grandkids badly wanted to come with her but we are only allowed to have 1 visitor to a household for 'caring reasons' in NSW.  I was aware of feeling so happy to see and spend time with her and so sad about everything at the same time throughout her visit. Coping with lockdown ok but feeling a profound sense of grief about everything happening in this "new world".



Yes it is very cruel keeping family apart, the rules are different from state to state, but I see not everyone is staying away from family.

The sadness, anxiety and depression can kill too.

People can even die from a broken heart.

And with Easter this weekend when many families would have been gathering it is even extra sad.

My daughter's visit was a 'one off', delivering things we needed but could not get delivered. I strongly believe we need to do this lockdown thing for the greater good but don't know how long we can be separated from our loved ones without suffering negative consequences mentally and emotionally.




... well maybe you'd be happier to have "Dan the Man" running your State - instead of Gladys "Blight" and her Pips??  

 Not one person I have spoken to personally - agree's with this Stage 3 lockdown here in Melbourne!  Friends/family/ one cab driver/delivery guys/check-out chicks etc. etc.

I was actually (thru' default haha) in a cab today - he and his partner have 5 cabs sitting idle ...they (and his drivers) are barely surviving!  He did however - get a couple of calls thru' whilst I was with him......he told me Uber are suffering even worse!

The shopping complex I went to - on a scale of 1 - 10 .....was operating at a 7!  Reject Shop was full-on!  Easter "stuff" running out the door ..people respectfully "social distancing" in queues at check out!  Other shops pretty quiet.

R/Shop.... they were not wiping down anything - basket handles - trolleys - checkouts - nothing!  Checkout chick told me "She'd rather not be there but desp. needed the money!"  (she was wearing blue rubber gloves) fat lot of good as was still handling money/cards and packing people's bags.

I was in and out of there like "Speedy Gonzales" fact woulda' put him to shame! Got my Gold Lindt Bunnies at half price and an array of Easter "goodies" - nicked into Aldi super fast and back into the cab and home!

No one wearing masks - no one doing much different except staying further away from each other.

It's ok for people who can survive without jobs etc. and can sit and protest about all and sundry (me included - Woolies haha) but we are not in a lot of people's shoes right now and thank heavens a lot of us aren't!

My day out was interesting - to say the least -  as initially a "ride in a cab" was not my ideal start to the day!  Mind you it was a pretty new "Black Beamer" (BMW) so went in luxury haha .....nice ride! 

Lockdown will not last much longer - remember I said it!  (Disclaimer)   :))






Incog. - lot of people will gather this Easter - a lot of people are still living in the "real" world and a lot of people are sick to the core of these State "Muppets" dictating different rules as the hour changes!

You can swim - you can't swim - you can go to a beach if you "Local" - what constitutes "Local"?  People can go to (or USED to go to) a "Local" pub and live suburbs away?  

Personal trainer can "train" one client - park/beach (thats 2 peeps right?) - yet have a picnic (2 peeps - same location) you fined???    Gim'me a break!!!

BTW Mosques are open and full of "praying peeps"  - go figure???  Religion yet again above the law???   lol 


Foxy your day sounded more interesting than mine, went down to local IGA (ran out of lemons for my salad) quite busy, cashier was going hell for leather on the hand sanitizer, had to throw the bag away when I got home. I did not touch anything or stand next to anyone, followed the red line and giant dots on the floor, otherwise quite normal.

I thought the mosques all closed? 

My prediction is we will lift some restrictions after Easter, they just did not want anyone having any fun. Read the local paper said beaches all closed but you can still walk, surf, swim but the signs say beach closed with nothing saying anything, but someone took the sign down at entrance anyway. Locals doing as usual.

Love your name for Gladys, who can even spell  her surname let alone say it?

Dan the man sounds like he is leaning toward being a liberal of late do you think? Not really caring much about the workforce.

TV has conflicting banter everywhere, guess we just have to see what happens when the "data" shows what they want.


lol "when the "data" shows what they want!  Exactly!

I am here at 3.45 am in the freezing cold! Why? I just proved that "peserverance pays"!!! 

I just placed a Woolies order for delivery!!! Yay!!  - for - next Wed! 7 days away!! Argh

When I went to bed @ 11pm - All windows were "Closed" for almost TWO WEEKS!

I then remembered what you said about "try checking after midnight" as often you may find new windows "Open"!  There were "limited times" for next Wed!  Thank you so much for that piece of info. Incog. - as they say in the classics "Ya' bloods worth bottlin'!  lololol ... your info. turned out to be pure gold ...................... :)



.. meant to add ....thought when the large black BMW (cab) was someone at wrong address ....wasn't ya' "normal cab"!  Driver got out n called out my name haha ....he said he was in one of his "Wedding Cars" and had transferred his "taxi equip" screen/calling system into the BMW as it was hard enough being on the roads in this lockdown "waiting for work" so he thought he may as well do it in comfort!  lololol

Pretty lucrative business huh when "times are good" ....   :)))


Great that some of my information has come in handy Foxy. Funny about the taxi driver, must be surprising people everywhere and making their day that little bit nicer.

lol - yes - well I was suitably impressed!  However - big swish looking car - try getting out of the back seat of it!  Had quite a deep "wheel well" to step into (or whatever its called?) easy to get into but a PITA to get out of?

Was thinking about it after getting home and wondered how the hell "Brides" would cope with their wedding dresses etc.   lolol ...(yeah - didn't have much to think about at the time)    :)

I heard that some of the Cinese Community want to go back, asthey deem it is safer there than here at present.


Are you sure you are not an advisor to the NSW Premier ? :)

Who also states there is a possibility of starting to lift some of the restrictions after Easter.


Geez I wish I was an adviser, would be good money lol. It depends on your news sources, but things keep changing just as much as the TV stations keep changing their information depending on who they interview, I am finding it hard to keep up, but I live in hope.

My day:

7am Shower, dress, breakfast.

8am Ten minutes on exercise bike, watching latest coronavirus news on tv. Depressing.

9am Eat Mars bar (after all, I have exercised, right?)

10am Hang washing out. Enjoy the blue skies and fresh (bushfire smoke free) air. My friend Maggie the magpie looks at me as if to say "why are you home so much?"

10:30am vacuum and dust house. 

12:00 Need comfort food for lunch. Mac and cheese very tasty. Ice cream for desert. (How many kilojoules does vacuuming and dusting use?)

1pm Watch cooking show on TV.

2pm Whip up a batch of cookies. The recipe makes 24. there are only two of us to eat them. But we mustn't waste food, right? And they won't keep for too long like shop bought cookies...right?

4pm Pull out all the DVDs from the cabinet and dust them. Line them up in alphabetical order.

6:45pm Tuna salad for dinner. Watch coronavirus news. Depressing.

8:30pm Eat a block of chocolate (they're not as big as they used to be, are they. I mean, a family block would only do two people nowadays)

10pm Bedtime. Tomorrow I will eat only healthy plant based foods.        Honest.



Are you trying to chat up Incognito with your bedtime promises  LOL


with your 10.30 am schedule

...what about coming to my place which needs dusting and vac

.... otherwise doing it at your place all the time, it is going to get pretty monotonous

Funny Suze, thought that is a lot of fat consuming and calories, if you eat less calories you do not have to do all that work to burn it off. I hope you do eat more fruit and raw veggies tomorrow Holly. Try starting your day with a bowl of fruit like I do gives you so much energy you will get the cleaning done in record time lol.

The dust bunnies are running wild in my house, just can't seem to catch them all, breeding like rabbits.

Today, heaps of people out walking, a few on the beach, patted a couple of doggie friends, had a 2 arms length distance chat with a few people when I stopped to catch my breath on a bench during bike riding, everyone seemed in good spirits.

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